Volume 6, Issue 7, July 2017

Table of Contents


E-commerce Consumer and Context in Bangladesh  | 
Tanveer Faruq
Total views: 368
The Significance of Introducing Computer Graphics into the Senior High School Visual Arts Programme in Ghana  | 
Bartholomew Johnson Sebbeh
Total views: 353
Acceptability of the Belly Fat Reducing (BFR) Puree Sensory Attributes  | 
Marydel Trespuentes Sayson
Total views: 311
The Church and Politics in Nigeria  | 
Greene Ifeanyi Eleagu
Total views: 367
Stakeholders’ Perception on Public Participation Programme in Promoting Urban Development in Nigeria  | 
Jiman Chado, Foziah Bte Johar, Zayyanu Muhammad
Total views: 330
Structural Behavior of Simply Reinforced LRC Beams in Shear Failure  | 
Ephraim M. E., Engr. Asigo, P. M. M.
Total views: 303
Structural Design Specifications for Concrete Made with Laterite Rock as Coarse Aggregates  | 
Ephraim M.E., Asigo P. M. M.
Total views: 300
Smart Home Meter Measurement and Appliance Control  | 
Lim Ying Kiat, Nader Barsoum
Total views: 310
Economic Assessment of Utilizing Diesel Derived from Used Lubricating Oil for Power Generation in Ghana  | 
Richard Kingsley Padi
Total views: 414
A Study on Integrated Functional Adult Education Program in Pastoral Communities of Jarar Zone: Challenges and Opportunities  | 
Abeje Gudeta
Total views: 303
Stress and Coping Strategies during Residency Training: Survey of a Teaching Hospital in Southwestern Nigeria  | 
Abodunrin O.L., Ilori O.R., Temitayo Obor A.A., Adeomi A.A., Folorunso E.S., Adeoye O.A., Ojo J.O.
Total views: 302
Planning for Organizational Change and the Role of Leadership in Implementing Change  | 
Caren Ouma
Total views: 340
The Social Dimension of Knowledge Management and Business Competitiveness  | 
Faten Louati
Total views: 271
Methodological Approaches for Regime Performance towards Achieving Socio-Economic Democratic Consolidation in Developing Societies  | 
Ali Ibrahim Abbas, Ku Hasnita Binti Ku Samsu
Total views: 147
Performance Evaluation of a Solar Box Cooker at Mautech, Yola, Nigeria  | 
J. Aidan
Total views: 145
Runoff, Soil Loss and Nutrient Losses from an Agricultural Field in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria  | 
Ajon A. T., Agber P. I., Ali A.
Total views: 145
Process Theory of Moral Development  | 
W. A. D. G. Wickramasinghe
Total views: 147
Effects of Board Diversity on Performance of Non-governmental Organisations in Nairobi County Kenya  | 
Webi Recadina, Caren Ouma
Total views: 151
Body Measurements and Proximate Analysis of Freshwater Crab (Sudanonautes aubryi) of Asejire Reservoir, Ibadan, Nigeria  | 
W. A. Muse, A. A. Ajayi, D. A. Sanni
Total views: 158
Enhancing Effective Treatment of Infertility through Appropriate Disease Taxonomy  | 
Innocent A. Nwosu, Vivian Njemanze, Joseph Ekpechu, Bukola Popoola
Total views: 141
An Assessment of FISP e-voucher Performance  | 
Moulen Siame, Idani Lichilo, Niza Siame
Total views: 135
Applying Path Analysis on Service Quality to Users’ Satisfaction and Intensity Using Delone and Mclean Method at Jember Paru Hospital in 2017  | 
Dony Setiawan Hendyca Putra, Ady Soesetijo, Saiful Bukhori
Total views: 135
E-Waste Management at Egerton University Library, Njoro Campus, Kenya  | 
Sally Kiplagat, Damaris Odero, Sirma Buigutt
Total views: 130
An Historical Overview of the New Cashless Policy in Nigeria  | 
Yasin Abubakar
Total views: 136
Haematological Studies in Fulani Ecotype Chickens in South-western Nigeria  | 
Nweke Okorocha G. O., Chineke C. A.
Total views: 125
Effect of Mechanochemically Synthesized Copper (II) and Silver (I) Complexes on Some Cephalosporin Resistant Bacteria  | 
N. P. Ndahi, M. B. Fugu, I. Waziri, Y. A. Geidam
Total views: 121
The Impact of Mobile Money Services on the Financial Transactions of Tertiary Students  | 
Francis Kwaku Kuma, Isaiah Miencha, Abena Yeboah Abrahams, Rev Nelson Boadi
Total views: 150
Developing Creativity through Storytelling at Kindergarten Center in the Effutu Municipality, Ghana  | 
Nutifafa Kwame Banini
Total views: 135
Police Service Transformation: Addressing the Welfare of the Police through Security Sector Reforms in Kenya  | 
David Kabera Muthondeki, Frank Khachina Matanga, Godfrey Pontian Okoth
Total views: 162
The Effect of Marketing Strategy on Consumer Satisfaction: Distance Education Perspective  | 
Kingsley Agyapong
Total views: 101
Effects of Land Market on Food Security Status among Farming Households in Kogi State, Nigeria  | 
Yahaya I. B., Ezihe J. A. C.
Total views: 87
People’s Perception of Tourist Facilities on the Jos Plateau, Nigeria  | 
Gonap Elisha Gobin, Clement Ukay Anake, Nesla Ruth Asheazi
Total views: 73
Socio-political Situations that Influence the Emergence of Islamism in Zanzibar, Tanzania  | 
Mohamed Makame Soud
Total views: 71