Volume 5, Issue 6, May 2016

Table of Contents


Issues of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) in India  | 
B. Chandra Mohan Patnaik, Ipseeta Satpathy, Priti Rachayeeta
Total views: 781
Female Foeticide: Core of Gender Inequality  | 
Arvindeka Chaudhary
Total views: 642
Cryptography – Using Guitar Chords and Drum Beats  | 
Total views: 572
A Note on Fuzzy Ideals in Near-Rings and its Anti-homomorphism  | 
M. Rupa Lavanya, T. V. Pradeep Kumar
Total views: 585
Feature Match: A General ANNF Estimation Technique and Its Applications  | 
Deepa S. R., Girija Kumari T., Nandini S., Shwetha Rani N.
Total views: 579
A Study on Bridge Pot Bearing by Using ANSYS  | 
R. Divya, R. Sivagamasundari, G. Kumaran
Total views: 624
Effectiveness of Dietary Ginger V/S Active Exercise on Primary Dysmenorrhea among Adolescent Girls  | 
Hiralben Trivedi, Sijo Sijo
Total views: 2748
Rights of Children in India: Problem and Prospects  | 
Ansari P. A.
Total views: 715
Astro-Pathological Perspective of Ayurveda  | 
Shivam Kumar Singh, Ankit Devshali, Luv Kush
Total views: 604
Causes and Effect of Tiger Mortality in Corbett Tiger Reserve, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, India  | 
Bhupender Kumar, R. K. Singh, Jyoti Chauhan
Total views: 499
Creating Employee Engagement in Organizations in India: Role of Human Resource Processes  | 
D. K. Srivastava, Nidhi Bansal
Total views: 653
Effect of Farming Practices, Crop Stage and Season on Black Bean Aphid Infestation on Common Beans in Western Kenya  | 
D. W. Wosula, M. Ndong’a, J. Ogecha, B. Mukoye, B. Mang’eni, R. Leitich, W. Arinaitwe
Total views: 588
Analysis of Rainfall and Temperature Variability in Kieni; Nyeri County  | 
Nderitu M. W., Oludhe C., Ali, A. Adan, Omondi P., Makui P.
Total views: 614
Fuzzy Soft Hyper K-ideal of a Hyper K-algebra  | 
C. Parameswari
Total views: 467
Appraising Some Eastern Nigeria Cultural Practices on the Basis of the Moral Foundation of the Christian Faith  | 
Esowe Dimgba Dimgba, Ogar Joseph Nkang, Asukwo Offiong Okon
Total views: 545
Demand and Supply of Livestock Products in India and Nigeria: The Task of Food Security  | 
Isah Musa Ahmad, V. R. Kiresur
Total views: 600
Challenges of Counselling Domestic Violence Survivors in Kibera Slum- Kenya: MSF-B Experience  | 
Dennis Nyongesa Wamalwa, Tecla Namachanja Wanjala, Thomas Mkonza
Total views: 419
Feasibility Studies on Offshore Triceratops as Future Offshore Structure Using FMEA Approach  | 
Ikpe Aniekan E., Owunna Ikechukwu B., P. O. Ebunilo, Ememobong E. Ikpe
Total views: 515
Factor of Services that Effect a Patient Attitude towards Private Multi-Specialty Hospitals in North and South India  | 
Gagan Saini, S. K. Chadha
Total views: 439
Perception of Attribute of Automated Teller Machines among Consumers in Ghana  | 
Benjamin Tawia Ansu, Nelson Edem Agbeshie, Stephen Okyere Boateng
Total views: 395
Marketing Knowledge Development: The Tension in Integrating Knowledge Generation Approaches into Practice  | 
Benjamin Tawia Ansu, Stephen Okyere Boateng, Kwaku Yeboah
Total views: 436
Challenges of Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning in Mombasa International Airport  | 
Paul Kamau Mungai, Fred Mugambi Mwirigi
Total views: 516
Determinants of Procurement Performance of Commercial Banks in Mombasa County - A Case Study of Kenya Commercial Bank  | 
Amon Matuga, Fridah Simba Theuri
Total views: 439
Factors Influencing Procurement Performance in State Corporations in Kenya- A Case Study of Kenya Ports Authority  | 
George Gathigua Njogu, Lucy Gichinga
Total views: 520
Role of Strategic Leadership on Strategy Implementation in Public Universities in Kenya- A Case Study of JKUAT Main Campus  | 
Hope Mwaikali Sila, Lucy Gichinga
Total views: 483
A Study to Assess Knowledge on Occupational Health Hazards among the Workers of Jaggery Factory with Special Emphasis to Prepare Health Educational Material in Selected Jaggery Factories at Kolhapur, India  | 
Shrimanti D. Patil, Avinash H. Salunkhe, N. R. Kakade, A. V. Katti, Vaishali R. Mohite
Total views: 431
The Voice of Subaltern: Indira Goswami’s Giribala  | 
Ripunjoy Bezbaruah
Total views: 400
A Study to Assess the Knowledge, Attitude and Pre-Procedure Anxiety Level of Patient Undergoing Upper GI Endoscopy in Krishna Hospital, Karad, India  | 
Prabhuswami Hiremath, Vaishali R. Mohite, Prakash Naregal, Shivaji Pawar, Tejas Bhosale
Total views: 478
Comparative Assessment the Prevalence of Ascariasis among Primary School Pupils  | 
Amana G. U., Imakwu Y.
Total views: 317
Effects of Strategic Planning on Performance of Healthcare Institution; a Case Study of Aga Khan Hospital Mombasa in Kenya  | 
Bathsheba Choti, Everlyne Datche
Total views: 322
Microprocessor Based Water Level Controller  | 
D. K. Kaushik
Total views: 321
The Poetics of “Homeland”: A Study of Robin S. Ngangom’s Select Poems  | 
Rajshree Lisham
Total views: 371
A Study of Emotional Intelligence among Doctors  | 
Rekha Tomar
Total views: 416
A Literature Review of the Theories of Learning and Varieties of Learning with Emphasis on Second Language Acquisition  | 
E. Suresh Kumar, Shahana Nazneen
Total views: 614
Fascinating Innovation of Astropharmacology  | 
Shivam Kumar Singh, Yogita Dobhal, Veerma Ram, Luv Kush
Total views: 350
Systematic Assessment Procedure and Gender as Determinants of Students’ Achievement in Integrated Science  | 
P. O. Ajayi, Oniya Toluwa
Total views: 274
Clearing the Menace of “Hard-to-Reach” Students through Novel Strategies- A Myth or Reality  | 
Femila Pangat
Total views: 262
Formation Evaluation and Lithology Determination for Selected Wells at Aghar Field, Western Desert, Egypt  | 
A. Z. Naoh
Total views: 328
Intellectual Capital Innovation of Small and Micro Enterprises from the Angle of Force Contribution to Regional Innovation Research in Jiangsu Province of China  | 
Cai Li, Muhammad Ovais Arshad, Teti Sumyati
Total views: 337
Exploratory Intervention to Improve the Conceptual Skills of Students in a Niche MBA Program  | 
Sudhir Sharan, Suneel K. Prasad
Total views: 340
Floriculture a Key to Success for Marginal Farmers in Vidarbha, India  | 
Shilpa Kalmegh
Total views: 298
A New Perspective in Marketing: Entertainment Marketing  | 
Esna Betul Bugday, Zeynep Lembet
Total views: 365
Women in Gorkhaland Movement: The Question of Empowerment  | 
Ashlesha Rai
Total views: 474
Local Content Policy and Its Implications on Marginal Oil Fields Operations and the Nigerian Economy  | 
Oruwari Humphrey Otombosoba, Adewale Dosunmu
Total views: 352
Optimum Utilization of Natural Gas from Marginal Oil Fields in Nigeria  | 
Oruwari Humphrey Otombosoba, Adewale Dosunmu
Total views: 314
A Techno- Economic Analysis of Improved Fish Seed Rearing Practice through Application of Seaweed Extract  | 
P. Chidambaram, T. Umamaheswari, Sankar Ram S.
Total views: 288
Aquariculture and Sustainable Rural Development: Studies from West Bengal, India  | 
Indranil Ghosh
Total views: 359
Fiscal Deficit-Economic Growth Nexus in Zimbabwe: A Vector Auto Regression Analysis  | 
Michael Zuze
Total views: 320
The State and Human Capital Development in Nigeria  | 
Amin Zaigi Ngharen, Christiana Enubi Akogwu
Total views: 256
Irony of Human Relationship: An Interpretation of Urvashi Butalia’s the Other Side of Silence in the Perspective of the Indian Concept of Humanism  | 
Munmun Giri
Total views: 210
A Study on Women Employment in the Organised Sector – With Special Reference to Karnataka (Post-Reform Period)  | 
Vijaya Priya S., Poornima Guntur
Total views: 747
A Study of AIDS Awareness among Senior Secondary Standard Students  | 
Ranjana Gupta
Total views: 341
Studies on Reduced Inlet Temperature of Compressor and Water Injection to Enhance the Thermal Efficiency of Gas Turbine  | 
Vishnu M. Mohan, Rejith G. Krishnan, Issac Thomas, Saloop T. S., Sandeep Kumar M.
Total views: 309
Sustainable Development Goals: The Usefulness of Conceptual Framework of Growth & Economic Development as an Implementing Tool for Policy Planners and Development Managers  | 
Hamzo Khan Tagar, Sheraz Ali, Sanam Amir, Ali Akbar Tagar, Abdul Jabbar Tagar
Total views: 287
Sustainable Development Goals: Economic Empowerments of Rural People through Balanced Land Holdings (A Case of Sindh-Pakistan)  | 
Hamzo Khan Tagar, Bisma Shah Bukhari, Maria Qabtia, Ali Akber Tagar, Inamullah Pirzada
Total views: 322
Sustainable Development Goals: Performance and Problems of Agricultural Labour in Share Cropping System and Their Impact on Natural Resource Management and Growth (A Case of Sindh–Pakistan)  | 
Hamzo Khan Tagar, Bisma Shah Bukhari, Maria Qabtia, Rafiuddin Dakhan, Inamullah Pirzada
Total views: 317
Impact of Dividend Policy and Earnings on Selected Quoted Companies in Nigeria  | 
Eniola Omoniyi Jacob, Akinselure Oluwafemi Philip
Total views: 372
Exploring the Usefulness of Open Systems Theory in Adult Education Organisations: The SCDE in Perspective  | 
Isaac Kofi Biney
Total views: 267
Participation of Women at Different Stages of School Education in Srinagar District, Jammu & Kashmir, India: A Trend Analysis (2000-2010)  | 
Madhu Mathur, Waqar ul Nisa
Total views: 245
A Study on Comparison of Anthropometrics of Autism Spectrum Disorder Children with Normal Children  | 
Komal Srivastava, Meera Raman, Anjan Bhattacharya
Total views: 303
Role of Backward Classes Finance and Development Corporation in Upliftment of Backward Classes in Himachal Pradesh, India  | 
Savita Rana
Total views: 220
The Role of Innovation in the Economic Development of Nigeria  | 
Uguru Uchechukwu, Hemen Philip Faga, Atuba Damian Obiekwe
Total views: 314
Patriarchy and Feministic views in Jaishree Misra’s Ancient Promises  | 
G. Venkatalakshmi, J. Uma Samundeeswari
Total views: 326
Educational System and the Muslim Diaspora in India: Analysis of a Need Based Inclusive and Assimilative Policy for their Growth  | 
Priyadarshi Bahinipati
Total views: 219
Tourism Raised Problems in the Corbett National Park, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, India  | 
Meenakshi Bisht, R. K. Singh
Total views: 478
Impact of Redundancy on Organizational Performance  | 
Mapira Nyasha
Total views: 589
The Determinants and Extent of Crop Diversification among Farmers with Small- Sized Land Holdings  | 
Khalid M. A., A. Usman, A. Singh
Total views: 263
New Model Eleven Level Inverter Using SPWM Technique  | 
P. Thirumurugan, D. Vinothini, S. Arockia Edwin Xavier
Total views: 244
SDNi- The New and Improved Hybrid Software Defined Networking Architecture for Inter-Domain Routing  | 
Kehinde Adebusuyi, Gbenga Obikoya, Temidayo Ofusori
Total views: 355
Indiscipline in Higher Education in Zimbabwe: A Case of one University  | 
Muchemwa Stella, Christopher Thebe
Total views: 329
Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in Sulphuric Acid Solution Using Red Peanut Skin Extract and Lasianthera Africana P. Beauv. (Nkanka Leaf) Mucilage  | 
A. O. James, Kalu Nnenna, Akaranta O.
Total views: 238
A Study on the Biomass Cook Stoves Used in Kerala and to Develop a Theoretical Design of T-Lud Natural Draft Gasifier Stove as an Option for Kerala’s Cooking Culture  | 
Saloop T. S., Rejith G. Krishnan, Vishnu M. Mohan, Issac Thomas, Sandeep Kumar M.
Total views: 309
Teaching Mathematics for the Development of Agricultural System in Rivers State of Nigeria  | 
Famoroti Alice Temitope, Emeka Helen Oluyemisi
Total views: 152
Quality Delivery in the Construction Industry and Socio –Economic Development of Ghana: Evidence from Ve – Golokwati – Wli Road Construction Project  | 
Albert Laurent Sakabutu, Divine Tuinese Novieto, Harrison George Coffie
Total views: 273
Assessment of the Reliability of Global Services Mobile Communication Networks on Quality of Services (QoS): A Comparative Study of Four Major Giants  | 
Olaitan Akinsanmi, Kehinde Adebusuyi
Total views: 259
Determinants of Smallholder Rural Farm Households’ Participation in Small Scale Irrigation and Its Effect on Income in North Gondar Zone of Amhara Regional State, Ethiopia  | 
Agerie Nega Wassihun
Total views: 206
The Symbiotic Synergy of Students and Lecturers Relationship in Obong University, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria  | 
Abomaye-Nimenibo Williams Aminadokiari Samuel
Total views: 172