Volume 5, Issue 4, March 2016

Table of Contents


Stakeholder Relationships as Games Played by Stakeholders  | 
Nwaeke Lawrence I., Lebura Sorbarikor
Total views: 647
Patterns of Cultural Awareness and Rural Development of Local Audience: A Study of Selected Local Media  | 
Muhammad Kabir Yusuf
Total views: 626
Social Media and Brand Equity: Reality for Small to Medium Enterprises in Zimbabwe Tourism Industry  | 
Farai Chigora
Total views: 601
Negotiation Strategies for Patient Welfare  | 
Sojan Antony, Nayana Mariya Kuriyan, Victor Paul, Hemalatha K., Mathew C. P., Princy Thomas
Total views: 697
Revelation of Contemporary Men and Milieu: A Critical Study of Kiran Desai’s the Inheritance of Loss  | 
Ashok K. Saini
Total views: 626
Sustainable Corporate Social Responsibility in the Development of Marginal Oil Fields in Niger Delta  | 
Oruwari Humphrey Otombosoba
Total views: 522
Equity, the Panacea of All Legal Wrongs: Achievements and Challenges of Equity in Recent Times in Nigeria and Other Jurisdictions  | 
Felicia Anyogu
Total views: 481
Study of Emotional Intelligence and Its Impact on Student’s Life  | 
Deeksha Sharma
Total views: 795
Entrepreneurial Extension for Promoting Agribusiness - A Case Study  | 
K. Narendran
Total views: 455
Main Characteristics of the Writings of Mulk Raj Anand  | 
Kamaljit Rai
Total views: 439
Emotional Maturity of Higher Secondary School Student’s in Relation to Birth Order and Selected Stream of Study  | 
Shimsiya T. S., Abdul Kader Parambat
Total views: 501
Strategic Learning Capability and Innovativeness of Private Hospitals in Bayelsa State, Nigeria  | 
Sylva Waribugo
Total views: 458
Strategies for Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Christian Universities in Nairobi, Kenya – Awareness Gap: A Case of Pan Africa Christian University  | 
Joyce W. Nderitu
Total views: 433
Socio - Religious Influences on Mental Health Associated Myths and Misconceptions among Rural People  | 
Nayana Mariya Kuriyan, M. Y. Manjula, Sojan Antony
Total views: 540
Saccular Aneurysm of Right Internal Carotid Artery in an Adult Cadaver - A Case Report  | 
Prasanna M. B., Cessy Job, Nandagopalan P. A.
Total views: 372
Dielectric Properties of (x) MgO-(1-y) Nb2O5-(5y/2) TiO2 Ceramics [for x = 1-6 and y = 0-1] in the Microwave Frequency  | 
L. Abdul Khalam
Total views: 501
Enhance the Utilization of Trash Fish through Value Addition and Its Storage Study  | 
K. Veeranjaneyulu, B. Koteswar, G. Krishnaveni
Total views: 481
Comparative Effects of Two Metacognitive Instructional Strategies on Gender and Students’ Problem-Solving Ability in Selected Chemistry Concepts  | 
Gongden Ephraim Joel
Total views: 444
Depth Profile of Anthropogenic Pollutants in Some Arable Lands in Plateau State  | 
J. D. Dodo, Victor O. Ogugbuaja, Sunday J. Salami, Samuel M. Maton
Total views: 348
Transfer of Knowledge and Innovation in Peripheral Regions: The Case of Podlaskie Voivodeship  | 
Robert Ciborowski
Total views: 350
Craft Technology and Barriers to Innovation and Social Change in Mughal India (1526-1707)  | 
Neelam Chaudhary
Total views: 387
Basic Characteristics of Speech Signal Analysis  | 
S. Poornima
Total views: 808
A Novel Approach to Performance Prediction of Boiler Parameters in Thermal Power Plants using Soft Computing Techniques  | 
K. S. Madhavan, T. Koti Reddy
Total views: 437
Antibacterial Potential of Phytochemicals against Urinary Tract Infectious Bacteria  | 
Kirthana B. Raj, Alphonsa Vijaya Joseph
Total views: 466
Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs: A Study of Sarva Sikhsha Abhiyan in Cuttack  | 
Suchismita Mohanty
Total views: 511
Brand Attainment: A Strategic Management Level or General Employee Pre-Eminence in Zimbabwe Tourism Sector  | 
Farai Chigora, Clever Vutete
Total views: 363
Informal Street Trading Activity by Gujarati Migrants in Kolkata: Applicability of the Hoteling Rule and Reilly’s Law  | 
Sukanta Saha
Total views: 463
Design and Production of Clay Flower Vases Using Drawings and Splatter Paintings as a Form of Decoration  | 
Kofi Asante Kyei, Prince Kofi Poku
Total views: 325
Socio- Economic Upliftment of Peasants in Thanjavur  | 
P. Ganesan
Total views: 303
Assessment of Fish Post Harvest Losses in Tagwai Lake, Niger State, Nigeria  | 
Oyero Johnson Olusegun, Oladele Sunday Mathew
Total views: 299
E-books Digitization using Open Source Software – Lessons from Haramaya University Library Digitization Project, Ethiopia  | 
Milkyas Hailu
Total views: 339
A Comparative Study of Plant Extracts on the Healing of Excised Wound: Tensile Strength and Histological Studies  | 
R. Sowbarnika
Total views: 328
Accidents in Building Construction Sites in Nigeria; a Case of Enugu State  | 
Orji Solomon E., Enebe Eucharia C., Onoh Felix E.
Total views: 314
Basaveshwsara’s Contribution to Casteless Society  | 
Ch. Bikshapathi
Total views: 337
Leaf Spot of Brinjal: Epidemiological Aspects  | 
A. Premila, Y. Sophiarani
Total views: 309
A Study on Classification of Energy Efficient Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks  | 
R. Renuga Devi, R. Sethukkarasi
Total views: 321
Stock Market Volatility, Firm Size and Returns: A Study of Automobile Sector of National Stock Exchange in India  | 
Md. Intaz Ali, Subhrabaran Das, Niranjan Roy
Total views: 424
Emerging Role of Insurance Marketing  | 
Pagudala Suchitra
Total views: 329
Lean Supplier Selection based on Hybrid MCGDM Approach using Interval Valued Neutrosophic Sets: A Case Study  | 
Rajeswara Reddy P., Naga Raju I., Diwakar Reddy V., Krishnaiah G.
Total views: 388
Post Natal (Maternal) Care in a Live Bearing Fish (Red Swordtail, Xiphophorous helleri; Cyprinodontiformes: Poeciliidae) --- A New Finding for an Ornamental Fish in Aquarium  | 
Indranil Ghosh, Amit Chatterjee, Satyendranath Maitra
Total views: 288
Correlation of Dietary Intake and Serum Lipid and Blood Sugar Profile in Male and Female Cardiac Patients  | 
Shaista Hanif Ansari, Rekha Battalwar
Total views: 295
An Effective Approach through Strength, Endurance and Skill Training Program Combinations on Muscular Strength and Endurance and Explosive Power of Male Basketball Players  | 
K. M. Ashok Kumar, S. Suthakar, R. Ashok Kumar
Total views: 361
An Effective Approach through Strength, Endurance and Skill Training Program Combinations on Flexibility and Dribbling of Male Basketball Players  | 
K. M. Ashok Kumar, S. Suthakar, R. Ashok Kumar
Total views: 375
Effect of Volleyball Specific Resistance Training and Skill Training Packages on the Development of Flexibility and Muscular Strength and Endurance on the Higher Secondary Level School Boys  | 
K. Babu, S. Suthakar, R. Ashok Kumar
Total views: 454
Effects of Volleyball Specific Resistance Training and Skill Training Packages on the Development of Leg Explosive Power and Speed on the Higher Secondary Level School Boys  | 
K. Babu, S. Suthakar, R. Ashok Kumar
Total views: 379
Revisiting Managerial Competencies- Literature Review  | 
Rashmi Vaishya, Sumi Jha, D. K. Srivastava
Total views: 366
Secured Smart Home Monitoring System Using Raspberry-PI  | 
Rajendra Nayak, Neema Shetty, Srishty ., Shreya .
Total views: 392
Influence of Perceived Business Benefits on Adoption of Green Supply Chain Strategy by Manufacturing Firms in Kenya  | 
Purity Mukiri Mwirigi, Gregory Namusonge, Peter Mwita
Total views: 285
Budget Management Practices and Controls on Effective Management of Finances in Public Universities in Kenya  | 
James Macharia Thuita, Patrick Kibati
Total views: 314
Kinetic Studies of the Desulphurization of a Nigerian Coal Sample Using Sulphuric Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide  | 
Christopher Ikpe Amadi Nwoko, Nnaemeka Nkemdi Ofoego, Atu Ausaji Ayuk
Total views: 284
Impact of the Work Flexibility on Organization  | 
Hanen Khanchel Lakhoua, Karim Ben Kahla
Total views: 303
An Exploration on the Impact of Mobile Computing Systems in Private Schools  | 
Maleti Tipson, Chingombe Shamiso Iline
Total views: 276
Blood Parameters Reference Intervals in African Catfish Clarias gariepinus (Buchell, 1822) in Ibadan, Nigeria  | 
A. I. Ojogbo
Total views: 240
John Rawls’ Maximin Principle: Implications for Distributive Justice in the Niger Delta Region  | 
Maxwell Keme Agboufa
Total views: 268
Environmental Impact of Pesticides Usage on Farmlands in Nigeria  | 
Maton Samuel Mark, Dodo Juliet Dingtseng, Nesla Ruth Asheazi, Ali Andesikuteb Yakubu
Total views: 346
The Nziramasanga Commission Report (1999): Implications for Special Needs Education in Zimbabwe  | 
Francis Emson Dakwa
Total views: 2525
The M/M/1/N Interdependent Queueing Model with Controllable Arrival Rates, Reverse Balking and Reverse Reneging  | 
M. Thiagarajan, S. Sasikala
Total views: 233
Exercise and Cognitive Bias Modification Training in Adults: Effects on Self-Reported Anxiety  | 
Mrinalinee Rana
Total views: 511
Constraints on Access to Basic Education for Out-of-School Children in Anambra State  | 
Gladys Uzoechina
Total views: 192
Using Nanomaterials to Optimize Mud Rheology at HPHT Wells throughout Experimental Work  | 
A. Z. Noah, M. A. ElSemary, A. M. Youssef, M. A. el- Safty
Total views: 217