Volume 4, Issue 6, June 2015

Table of Contents


Evaluation of the Patients’ Perception Regarding Endocavitary Ultrasound Procedure at the Nyeri Level 5 Hospital, Kenya  | 
Albert O. Onderi, Auka Joash, Alice Mugga
Total views: 1143
A Detailed Investigation and Perusal of Lexical Blends: Semantics in Blends and Types of Blends and Their Frequency  | 
Priyanka Pasari
Total views: 1037
The Turnaround Times for Patients Undergoing Ultrasound Examinations at the Radiology Department, Kenyatta National Hospital  | 
Agolah Dennis Odhiambo, Auka Joash, Luke G. Kanamu
Total views: 1191
Influence of Rare Earth (Ce3+) on Electrical and Magnetic Studies of Nickel ferrite Nanoparticles  | 
K. Rafeekali, Muhammed Maheen, E. M. Muhammed
Total views: 901
Vibrational Overtone Study of T-Butyl Alcohol and N-Butyl Alcohol  | 
K. Rafeekali, K. V. Vijayan
Total views: 863
Suggestive Measures towards Sustainability of Contract Farming in Sugarcane Cultivation  | 
Sangram Paramaguru, Sanghamitra Mohapatra, Asim Chandra Dash, Biswa Ranjan Pattnaik
Total views: 907
Touchless Human-Computer Interface for In-Car Devices  | 
Nidhi Gupta, Sidharth Bhatia
Total views: 952
Predictive Efficacy of Utme, Ist And Utme Plus on Degree Students’ Cumulative Grade Points Average: A Case Study of College of Education, Agbor, Nigeria  | 
D. O. Okobia
Total views: 864
Socio- Personal Profile of Women Affecting Water and Forest Management in Micro Watershed Areas in Nainital district of Uttarakhand  | 
Karuna Joshi, Neelam Bhardwaj
Total views: 853
Futures Trading in Soy Complex in India: A Primer for Novice Traders  | 
Alok Kumar Sahai, Veena Keshav Pailwar
Total views: 892
Multi-Party Democracy in Contemporary Ghana- The Electoral Process in Wa Municipality  | 
Lucas Aamwaa Yiryel, Joseph Kwame Wulifan, Robinson Dakubu Boye Bandie, Daniel Anleu-Mwine Bagah
Total views: 833
Site Suitability for the Production of Fonio (Acha) in Adamawa State, Nigeria: GIS Approach  | 
Samuel Hyellamada Jerry, Alfred Dika Mshelia, Yohanna Peter
Total views: 814
Trends of Leprosy Notification from 2007 to 2012 in Msambweni District, Coastal Kenya  | 
Samuel Kadivane, N. Muriu, D. Onyango
Total views: 758
Key Determinants of Number of Discharged Patients in a Health Care Center  | 
Olubiyi O. A., Babalola B. T.
Total views: 859
Comparative Assessment of Heavy Metals Concentration in the Soil in the Vicinity of Tannery Industries, Kumbotso Old Dump Site and River Challawa Confluence, at Challawa Industrial Estate, Kano State, Nigeria  | 
Mustapha Balarabe Idris, Khalid Da’u Khalid, Zakari Abdullahi
Total views: 869
Dynamic Programming Method with GA for Optimal Power Flow in Micro-grid  | 
Dhamodharan S., Arul Ponnusamy
Total views: 825
The Impact of Educational Facilities on Teaching and Learning Drawing: What it Means to Visual Arts Education in Ghana  | 
Charles Kumah Ntim, Jonathan Tetteh Korletey
Total views: 929
Constraints Faced by Trainees of Mushroom Research and Training Center, Pantnagar  | 
Deepika Verma, Amardeep
Total views: 1357
Emerging Innovations in the Oil Industry: An Analysis of the Development of the Monodiameter Technology  | 
Ebinimi Tebepah
Total views: 690
A Historical Analysis on the Social Life of the Dhimals of North Bengal  | 
Krishna Barman, Chandan Adhikary
Total views: 670
Metabolic Pathway of Solasodine Synthesis in Solanum Mammosum L. Fruits  | 
C. P. Ravindran, S. Nandakumar
Total views: 779
Higher Education: An Emerging Challenge before India  | 
Jagjit Bhatia
Total views: 745
IMC-PID Controller Designing Using Laurent Series and Comparison with Other Methods  | 
Jayesh Patil, Dilip Maghade
Total views: 655
Occurrence of the Phosphate Solubilizing Fungi Isolated from the Rhizosphere Soil of Different Ginger Growing Sites of Churachandpur District, Manipur, India  | 
Supriya Maimom, Biman Kumar Dutta, N. Irabanta Singh
Total views: 667
Study of Serum Prostate Specific Antigen Level in Prostate Biopsy Specimens  | 
Shweta Amarneel, Mayuri Rajendrakumar Gohil, Keyur Nileshkumar Parmar, Sejal Gamit, Manju Vala, Drashti Shukla
Total views: 711
External Shading Design Strategies within the Tropical- Modernist Nigeria: Lessons for Nigerian Designers  | 
Olugbenga Abiola Ogunyemi, Ayomipo Akintunde Fadeyi, Segun Adewale Alabi
Total views: 639
Sustainable Architecture Practices – The Extension of the Useful Life of Office Buildings, South Western Cities of Nigeria  | 
Oluwadamilola Ajoke Alabi, Ayomipo Akintunde Fadeyi, Adewale Segun Alabi
Total views: 587
A Novel Virtual Electrical Panel for Ultra Modern Buildings and Industries  | 
Akash Deep Shakya, Jitendra Kumar Garg
Total views: 652
Network Coding Technique Based On Intelligent Hybrid MAC in Wireless Sensor Networks  | 
Riyana M., Nithin Joe
Total views: 609
Performance Efficiency of Selected Private Sector Banks in India Using Data Envelopment Analysis  | 
R. Sunitha Shree, P. Suresh Kumar
Total views: 593
Development of Cosmetic Textiles Finished with Cucumis Sativus and Solanum Tuberosum Extracts  | 
S Grace Annapoorani, S. Yamuna Devi
Total views: 559
Site Suitability Selection for Future Establishment of Secondary Schools in Mubi North Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria: The Geographic Information System Approach  | 
Godwin Bernard Muskut, Alfred D. Mshelia, Samuel Hyellamada Jerry
Total views: 589
The Crisis of Consciousness: Petals of Blood  | 
Pallavi Bhardwaj
Total views: 583
Using Servqual Model to Assess Service Quality and Students Satisfaction in Al-Azhar University – Palestine  | 
Wael M. Thabet
Total views: 559
The Impending Succession in Indian Politics: The Inevitability of a Gandhi-Nehru Scion  | 
Minakshi Buragohain
Total views: 577
Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Pregnancy: Prevalence & Diagnosis  | 
Valentina Y., Srirangaraj S., Seethesh Ghose, Seetha K. S.
Total views: 631
Impulse Buying: A Literature Overview  | 
S. Meena
Total views: 631
An Extensive Design of a Low Cost Power Quality Monitoring and Improvement System  | 
Neena Godara, Neeraj Verma
Total views: 496
Ultrasound Findings in a Case of Hematocolpometrosalpinx in an Eleven Year Old Kenyan Girl  | 
Auka Joash, Jane Gathoni Wambugu
Total views: 614
Effect of Factor Interaction in Esterification of High FFA Oil  | 
Abatyough Terungwa Michael, Onudibia E. Moses
Total views: 576
Different Reasons for Mal Operation of Numeric Relay for 220/400kV Line  | 
Supriya Tripathi, A. S. Zadgaonkar
Total views: 546
Identification of Bacterial Isolates, PCR Amplification and In-Silico Analysis of Nitroreductase and Rubrerythrin Responsive Genes from Shilajit  | 
Tanuja Mishra, Prabhjot Kaur Gill, H. S. Dhaliwal, Arun Dev Sharma, Gobind Ram
Total views: 687
A Proficient Roi Segmentation with Denoising and Resolution Enhancement  | 
Mitna Murali T., Prasanth M.
Total views: 800
Efficacy of Balance and Gait Re-Education under Single and Dual Task Conditions in Post Stroke Hemiparetic Patients  | 
Chopra Neha, Vij Jaspreet Singh, Kaur Sumandeep
Total views: 681
Socio-Religious Reform Movements of Muslims in J & K from 1900-47  | 
Nasir Ahmad Ganaie
Total views: 608
HPTLC Method for the Simultaneous Estimation of Catechol, Caffeic Acid and Anthraquinone in the Leaf Extract of Xanthium Strumarium and Its Formulation  | 
Vikas V. Vaidya, Sachin S. Pawar, Jaydeep N. Gadgil, Sourabh H. Patil
Total views: 512
The Spirit and Reality of Indian Women: A Critical Perspective of Shashi Deshpande’s the Dark Holds No Terror  | 
Gayatri Gope
Total views: 422
Pidgin English as a Vehicle for the Promotion of Peaceful Co-Existence and National Unity in Nigeria  | 
Jacob O. Alobo
Total views: 488
Evaluation of Selected Textbooks from Ghanaian Primary Schools  | 
Michael Ato Essuman, P. Osei Poku
Total views: 470
Impact of Social Networking Sites in Women Trafficking  | 
Deekshitha R.
Total views: 541
Who Is An Ideal Mentor?  | 
Mubarak Husain Muhammad, Jamilu Ibrahim Mukhtar
Total views: 475
Social Control: Genesis, Conceptual, and Theoretical Issues  | 
Mubarak Husain Muhammad, Jamilu Ibrahim Mukhtar
Total views: 451
Role of Preamble of Our Constitution in Interpretation  | 
Karan Sabberwal, Alokparna Dey
Total views: 522
An Analysis of Teachers Perspective of English Language Teaching in Engineering Education: A Study with Special Reference to Engineering Colleges of Odisha, India  | 
Priya S.
Total views: 438
Simultaneous Quantification of P-Methoxybenzoic Acid, 3, 4-Dimethoxycinnamic Acid and Ecdysteron in the Extract of Trianthema Portulacastrum Linn. And Its Marketed Polyherbal Formulation Using HPLC  | 
Vikas V. Vaidya, Jaydeep N. Gadgil, Sachin S. Pawar, Maharudra B. Kekare
Total views: 408
Fish Species Diversity and Abundance of Dadin Kowa Dam, Gombe State Nigeria  | 
Ja’afaru Ali, Abubakar U. M.
Total views: 425
The Teaching Methods and Learning Approaches Used in the Training of Radiographers: The Case of Kenya Medical Training College, Nairobi  | 
Joash Auka, Machera David, Nancy Chebet Chepkwony
Total views: 506
Water Woes in Harare, Zimbabwe: Rethinking the Implications on Gender and Policy  | 
Tazviona Richman Gambe, Kiriana Dube
Total views: 373
CDINS: Cooperative Provable Data Possession for Integrity Verification in Network-Coding-Based Multi Cloud Storage System  | 
Mohan Kumar G., Dimpu Sagar N., Aakanksh S. G.
Total views: 359
Comparison of Broiler Chicken Performance on Different Phase Feeding Programs  | 
Artwell Mudhunguyo, Edmore Masama
Total views: 402
Planning for Core Wildlife Conservation Area of Gambella National Park  | 
Gatluak Gatkoth Rolkier
Total views: 492
On the Quantum Behavior of Nanoparticles: Quantum Theory and Nano-Pharmacology  | 
Kurudzirayi Robson Musikavanhu
Total views: 1461
Gender Streaming and Secondary School Female Students’ Performance in English Language in Niger State, Nigeria  | 
U. I. Gwarjiko
Total views: 351