Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2015

Table of Contents


A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of 25% Sucrose Orally on Painful Procedure among Neonates in NICU at Mehta Children’s Hospital, Chennai, India  | 
V. Hemavathy, V. J. Bini Paul, P. Brindha
Total views: 2159
An Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Acupressure on Dysmenorrhea among Adolescent Girls in Hilton Matriculation Higher Secondary School at Chrompet, Chennai  | 
C. Elakkiya
Total views: 2075
Anti-Retroviral Therapy Adherence among Women Living with HIV in Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu, India  | 
Lingaraj Chitra, Angela Gnanadurai
Total views: 1919
Pathological Fracture of Femur Due to Hydatid Cyst- A Case Report  | 
Kurukunda Venkateswarlu, Avula Renuka Devi, Madiga Nagaraju
Total views: 1872
Automatic Sorting Using Computer Vision & Image Processing For Improving Apple Quality  | 
Vilas D. Sadegaonkar, Kiran H. Wagh
Total views: 2039
A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge among Mothers of School Children (6-14 yrs) Regarding Hepatitis A & E at Anakaputhur  | 
Hemavathy ., V. J. Bini Paul, R. Meena
Total views: 2036
Effect of Replacement of Maize with Sorghum Brewer’s Grains on Performance of Finishing Broilers  | 
Edmore Masama, Tariro Shuro
Total views: 1988
Effects of Occupational Stress on the Performance of Pastors of Friends Church (Quakers), Nairobi County, Kenya  | 
Maynard Mushira Lusambili, Catherine Kirimi
Total views: 2049
Influence of Teacher’s Gender on Secondary School Students’ Performance in Physics in Ekiti State, Nigeria  | 
O. Adebisi Awodun, A. Samuel Oni, D. Joke Oyeniyi
Total views: 2009
Students’ Attitude to the Language of Wider Communication in a Multilingual Speech Community  | 
J. O. Babalola, O. Adebisi Awodun
Total views: 1962
A Humble Attempt to Similarise ‘Gitanjali’ by Rabindranath Tagore and ‘Song of Myself’ by Walt Whitman  | 
Sudeshna Das
Total views: 1953
Comparative Effect of Gongronema Latifolium and Piper Guineense Ethanol Extract Against Scavaging Enzymes and Marker of Oxidative Stress in Ethanol Induced Liver Injury in Wistar Rats  | 
Fredrick Ugadu Ali, M. C. Ominyi, M. E. Ogbanshi
Total views: 1876
Awareness on Dental Fluorosis among School Leaving Children in an Endemic Fluoride Area of South East Indian State  | 
Srinivas Ravoori
Total views: 1930
The Vision of Pragmatism of Life Style by R. K. Narayan in ‘The Guide’  | 
G. Kamatchi
Total views: 2002
Challenges Experienced by Men and Women in Informal Finance Groups in Gachagi Informal Settlement in Thika Sub-County, Kenya  | 
Judy Mwangi, Elishiba Kimani
Total views: 1971
A Vital Role in Human Life by Worms - “Strongyloidiasis”  | 
Jegatha ., V. Hemavathy
Total views: 1813
A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Mustard Plaster Application in Reduction of Knee Joint Pain among Patient with Osteoarthritis in Sivananda Gurukulam, Kattankolathur  | 
V. Hemavathy, Girija Bhaskaran, A. Alexandriya
Total views: 2209
Effectiveness of Drumstick Leaves Tea upon the Level of Blood Pressure among the Hypertensive Clients in Sree Balaji Medical College and Hospital  | 
V. Hemavathy, Girija Bhaskaran, S. Pauline Sheela Priya
Total views: 1795
Palaeontological Studies of Palaeogene Sediments in and around Thoubal Area  | 
K. Bigyapati Devi, R. A. S. Kushwah
Total views: 1948
Lung Function Test in Quarry Workers  | 
Azmatulla Shaik, M. Khizer Hussain Afroze, Syed Kabir Khan, Salma Khatoon, P. Varshitha Reddy
Total views: 1950
Interaction with Linguistic and Its Branches  | 
Nasima Salmani, Sourabh Saini
Total views: 1792
Conditional Equation’s of Beal Conjecture  | 
Mohamad Farhanuddin Firaq
Total views: 1854
Optimization Technique for Improving Iris Recognition System  | 
Rohini Baburao Jadhao, Aarti Bakshi
Total views: 1850
Origin of Life: As Depicted in Upanishad and so Far Explained in Science  | 
K. K. Misra
Total views: 1862
A Current Trend towards Health “Management Information System”  | 
V. Hemavathy, V. Tamizhkodi
Total views: 1767
Resource Optimization in Small-Scale Fish Farming in Minna Agricultural Zone of Niger State, Nigeria  | 
Sadiq ., Mohammed Sanusi, I. P. Singh, M. D. Kolo
Total views: 1793
Identifying Students’ Alternative Concepts in Basic Chemical Bonding – A Case Study of Teacher Trainees in the University of Education, Winneba  | 
Ruby Hanson
Total views: 1797
Cervical Cancer Kills One Indian Women Every 7 Minutes  | 
Sathiyalatha Sarathi, V. Hemavathy, Revathi Vijayalakshmi
Total views: 1735
“Emergence and Activities of Self-Help Group (SHG)-A Great Effort and Implementation for Women’s Empowerment as well as Rural Development”: A Study on Khejuri CD Blocks in Purba Medinipur, West Bengal  | 
Rabin Das
Total views: 1814
Process for Extracting Subpart from UML Sequence Diagram  | 
Sneh Krishna, Alekh Dwivedi, Vineet Richhariya
Total views: 1748
Propensity towards Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Rural Areas of Pakistan  | 
Ghulam Shabiralyani, Muhammad Asif Malik, Naqvi Hamad, Najeeb Haider
Total views: 1975
Analysis of Fiscal Policy Regime Since 1970s  | 
Aakanksha Kaushik
Total views: 1702
A Comparative Evaluation of Technical and Vocational Education in Pre-Colonial, Colonial and Post-Colonial Zimbabwe, a Case of Manicaland Province  | 
Plaxcedia Mahundi
Total views: 1489
Debt Management and Economic Growth Empirical Evidence from Nigeria  | 
Fabian Mmaduabuchi Emerenini, Anyanwu Uchenna Nnanna
Total views: 1403
Students’ Perception of Service Quality Dimensions in Islamic Higher Education  | 
Munirul Abidin
Total views: 1506
The Exclusion of Dalit’s Human Values in India  | 
Navneet Kaur
Total views: 1353
Energizing the Elderly through Remittances: Opportunities for Active Ageing in Cameroon  | 
Ethel Ngere Nangia
Total views: 1392
Mohammad Israr Khan
Total views: 1352
Performance of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) in Jammu and Kashmir  | 
Mehrag-ud-din Bhat, Nazia Wani, Imran Ahmad Khan
Total views: 1523
Education for Social Transformation: The Role of History and Government in Secondary School Curriculum in Kenya  | 
Mary W. Nasibi
Total views: 1485
Management of PCOS: A Psychosomatic Disorder by Yoga Practice  | 
Anjali Verma, Sarvesh Kumar, Laxmipriya Dei, Kamini Dhiman
Total views: 1763
Village Health and Outreach Programme: A New Arrival in Rural Health Care in Assam  | 
K.M. Jahirul Isalm
Total views: 1104
Assessment on Diabetes Knowledge among Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients and Their Relation to Compliance of Life Style Measures  | 
N. Lakshmi, S. Rajam Varalakshmi
Total views: 1078
Decision Making System for Comparative Question Using Entity Mining  | 
J. V. Ramteke, J. S. Jondhale
Total views: 1080
The Vista of Rights for Animals  | 
Amrisha Pandey
Total views: 1219
Pharmacists’ Knowledge of Pharmaceutical Care Concept in Rivers and Bayelsa States of Southern Nigeria  | 
Biobarakuma A. Joseph, Joshua F. Eniojukan
Total views: 805
Perception of Nursing Students about Problem Based Learning (PBL) in Nursing Institutions of Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan  | 
Noor Khan, Nasreen Ghani, Muhammad Suliman, Awal Khan, Barkatullah Saadullah
Total views: 956
Developing Labour Constants for Building Processes from Work Study in Nigeria  | 
Okoye P. U., Ngwu C., Ezeokoli F. O.
Total views: 583
Self-Perceived and Self-Expressed Social and Personal Problems of Students: the Case of Cape Coast Polytechnic, Ghana - Implications for Guidance and Counselling  | 
Reverend James Kwesi Ansah
Total views: 563
Influence of Peer Group on Academic Performance of Secondary School Students in Ekiti State  | 
Bankole Emmanuel Temitope, Ogunsakin Funmi Christy
Total views: 2623
Sexual Harassment against Staff and Student Nurses in Tertiary Care Hospitals Peshawar K.P. Pakistan  | 
Noor Khan, Shabina Begum, Ashrat Shaheen
Total views: 922
Availability of Clinical Nurse Instructor Enhance the Application of Theory into Practice in Tertiary Care Hospitals (LRH, KTH, HMC), KPK, Peshawar, Pakistan  | 
Noor Khan, Shahnaz Shafi, Shereen Akhtar
Total views: 606
The Ghana School Feeding Program: Factors Affecting Enrolment of Pupils in Garu-Tempane District, Upper East Region  | 
Musah Bukari, Imoro Pars Naaba Hajara
Total views: 607
Parental Educational Attainment and Students’ Academic Performance of Public Mixed Day Secondary Schools in Kuresoi Sub -County, Nakuru County, Kenya  | 
Benjamin Kipkoech Koskei, Geoffrey Ngeno
Total views: 642
Fatal Skin Disorder - Stevens Johnson Syndrome  | 
T. Merlin Shiba, V. Hemavathy
Total views: 578
3D Video Conferencing Using Monoscopic Camera  | 
Neha Raste
Total views: 1072
A High Step -Up Solar Power Optimizer with Switched Capacitor and Coupled Inductor Technology with MPPT Technique  | 
J. Praveena, Y. Dhamodharam, N. Venugopal
Total views: 592
Stability Enhancement of Three Phase Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Using Partial Feedback Linearization Scheme  | 
M. B. Maunigasri, R. Subramanian
Total views: 580
Technology Diffusion and Its Effects on Product Quality in the Informal Metalworking Sector in Kenya  | 
Ogola Julius Maima
Total views: 361
Socio-Cultural and Economic Influence in the Incidence of Obstructed Labor: 5 Years Review in NDUTH  | 
Ekine Atombosoba Adokiye, Ibrahim Isa Ayuba, Abasi Isaac
Total views: 407
Socio-Cultural and Economic Influence in the Incidence of Obstructed Labor: 5 Years Review in NDUTH  | 
Ekine Atombosoba Adokiye, Ibrahim Isa Ayuba, Abasi Isaac
Total views: 307