Volume 3, Issue 7, July 2014

Table of Contents


Image Classification Based on Two Dimensional Wavelet Packet Spectrum  | 
D. Gowthami, P. Madhavi
Total views: 592
Discrimination Prevention and Privacy Preservation in Data Mining  | 
Kamal D. Kotapalle, Shyam Gupta
Total views: 627
Standardisation of Uttarabasti Pramana for Females  | 
R. Shylaja Kumari
Total views: 505
A Three Year Review of Maternal Mortality in a District Hospital on the West Coast in South India (April 2011-2014)  | 
Dr. Sharan J. Pal, Dr. Mrudhula , Dr. Arun Rao
Total views: 585
A Study on Boron Content in Tea Soil  | 
Dr. Ishan Phukan, Samina Saffique, Priyanka Borah, Arup Baruah, Asrafa Jahan
Total views: 614
Design of Efficient Two Stage Power Amplifier Using 65nm Cmos Technology  | 
Priyanka V. Ingole, A. O. Vyas
Total views: 480
Comparative Effect of Progressive Training with and Without Weights on Selected Parameters among Coastal Area Students  | 
M. Shimjith, Dr. A. M. Najeeb
Total views: 545
Determinants of Women’s Informal Work in Manipur: An Empirical Analysis  | 
Gurumayum Ranita Devi
Total views: 748
Agent-based Modeling for the Study of Diffusion Dynamics of Network Technologies  | 
Shaik Shafi
Total views: 589
Ammonium Removal from Landfill Leachate by Chemical Precipitation  | 
Ishanee A. Patel, Hemangi H. Desai
Total views: 530
Pottery in Sirigu Society: The Socio-Cultural Relevance and the Need for Sustenance  | 
Rolland Wemegah
Total views: 538
Survey Paper on Web Usage Mining for Web Personalization  | 
Namdev Anwat, Varsha Patil
Total views: 572
Friction Stir Welding as a Joining Process through Modified Conventional Milling Machine: A Review  | 
Mohd. Anees Siddiqui, S. A. H. Jafri, P. K. Bharti, Pramod Kumar
Total views: 624
Phytochemical Extraction and Characterization of Roots of Withania Somnifera for Its Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammation and Analgesic Activity  |  Remote
Alok Kumar Srivastav, Priyanka Das
Total views: 13281
Study of Risk in Construction Contracts  | 
S. M. Abdul Mannan Hussain, Asra Fatima, Dr. T. Seshadri Sekhar
Total views: 557
Analysis of Construction Dispute Resolution Process Using Artificial Neural Networks  | 
Asra Fatima, Dr. T. Seshadri Sekhar, S. M. Abdul Mannan Hussain
Total views: 598
Dowry System in Bangladesh: A Socio- Legal Perspective  | 
Fhameda Qudder
Total views: 562
Attaining a Higher National Growth Trajectory Via Sustainable Civil Infrastructure: Case Nigeria  | 
Olatunji Ariyomo, Oyedokun A. Abiodun
Total views: 580
Resuscitation of the Family Spirit: An Analysis through the Dark Holds No Terrors  | 
R. H. Kalaiselvi, Dr. Sr. Ugini Fatima Mary
Total views: 459
Research Methodology: Review Article  | 
Pavan G. K., Dr. Nagarekha Kulkarni
Total views: 614
Test for Measuring the Knowledge in Biodiversity of Secondary School Students  | 
Anu S.
Total views: 538
Various Transmission Tower Analysis & Design Using Professional Software  | 
Dr. D. R. Panchal
Total views: 739
The Invention of the Multiple Denting Machine to Accelerate Denting in the Ghanaian Cottage Weaving Industry  | 
Dr. Gbadegbe Richard Selase
Total views: 460
A Study on the Management Strategies of Protected Area in Bangladesh for Biodiversity Conservation on Nijhum Dwip, Noakhali, Bangladesh  | 
Pijush Kumar Saha, Md. Bodiuzzaman , Md. Nuralam Hossain, Abu Salauddin Shanta
Total views: 521
Dynamics in a Class of Discrete Sir Epidemic Model  | 
A. George Maria Selvam, J. kanimozhi
Total views: 475
Teaching Professional Stress: An Empirical Study with Reference to Women in India  | 
Dr. K. Maran, Nirmala Venkataramani
Total views: 430
Youth Knowledge and Attitude about HIV/AIDS in District Layyah, Pakistan  | 
Ghulam Abbas, Mudassir Mubeen Khan, Ahmad Ali
Total views: 681
Identity Politics, Self Determination and War in Postcolonial African Movies  | 
Tunji Azeez
Total views: 391
Political Engagement and Mass Re-orientation in Nigerian Indigenous language Films: A Study of Yomi Ogunmola’s “Alaga Kansu”  | 
Tunji Azeez, Shaibu Husseini
Total views: 500
Oral Acute Toxicity (LD50) Study of Methanol Extracts of Alstonia Boonei Root Bark in Mice  | 
Onwusonye J. C., Uwakwe A. A., Iwuanyanwu P., Muritala I. K.
Total views: 636
The Functional Analysis of Wavelet Transformation along with Lifting Scheme for Image Compression  | 
P. Vinod Kumar, K. Anil Kumar, M. Kalpana
Total views: 389
Focused Retrieval of E-books using Text Learning and Semantic Search  | 
Kirti D. Pakhale, S. S. Pawar
Total views: 424
The Pharmacological Effect of Gum Arabic on Liver Hyperplasia in the Presence or Absence of Laser Beam  | 
Dina Moustafa, Amira M. Gamal-Eldeen, Samira Saleh, Sherien M. El-Daly
Total views: 472
Evaluation of Rhizobium and Biopesticides against Fusarium Wilt of Pigeonpea  | 
T. Ranjana Devi, G. K. N. Chhetry
Total views: 493
Current Harmonic Compensation Using PV Inverter in Grid Connected Systems Untitled
B. Keerthisree, E. Vinod Arun Kumar
Total views: 374
Evaluation of Biodegradation of Plastics  | 
V. Mahalakshmi
Total views: 523
Assessment for Alternatives of Geometry for the Intake Side of the Sump to Enhance Performance of Centrifugal Pump  | 
Vibha P. Pode, Shylesha Channapattana
Total views: 436
Access to Credit of Meitei Women with Particular Reference to the Marup System  | 
Dr. Arambam Sophia
Total views: 348
Can Dental Insurance Transform Essential Dental Care in India??- Assessing the Role of Oral Physicians: A Cross-Sectional Study and Review  | 
Dr. D. N. Bailoor, Dr. Kriti Shrivastava, Dr. Hina Handa, Dr. Vikalp Raghuvanshi
Total views: 446
Micro Electro Mechanical Systems in Micro-Surgical Bio-Tools  | 
Harshala Dinkar Patil
Total views: 725
Marketing Strategies for ERP Implementation Partners  | 
Sameer Pavan Alapaty, Dr. V. M. Prasad
Total views: 392
Classification of Mammograms using Texture Features  | 
Puneeth L., Dr. Krishna A. N.
Total views: 417
A Study of Impact of Work Stress on Managerial Creativity with Reference to Indian Executives  | 
Dr. Jyoti Vyas Bajpai, Dr. Trupti Dave, Siddharth Bajpai
Total views: 405
Potential of Azadirachta indica Leaves for Removal of Hexavalent Chromium from Aqueous Solution with Reference to Adsorption Isotherm  | 
Desai Akruti J., Desai Hemangi H.
Total views: 384
A Survey of Routing Protocols Based on Bandwidth  | 
Navneet Singh, Trilok Gabba, Swati Dhull
Total views: 367
Problems of Translation in Case of Translating Poetry  | 
Mousumi Das
Total views: 459
Impact of Downsizing on Employee Commitment: A Case Study of Surface and Mashwede Refinery  | 
Mapira Nyasha, Chikozho Martin, Mkandatsama Pride, Magagada Justice, Mugogo Piason, Vengesayi Edson
Total views: 657
Analysis of Pakistan and Iran Health Care Delivery System  | 
Laila Aslam, Amir Abdullah, Rehana Ayub
Total views: 545
Benefactives in Kipsigis: A Feature-Checking Analysis  | 
Bii John Kibet, Chelimo Andrew Kiprop
Total views: 414
Delay and Distribution Based Tolerant Network Bandwidth Calculation  | 
Maruvarasi M. E., Dr. Nedunchelian
Total views: 351
Human Resource- Driving Force of Sustainable Business Practices  | 
Bhamini Garg
Total views: 388
Computer Virus: A Major Network Security Threat  | 
Sivanandam Natarajan, S. Rajarajesware
Total views: 611
Curvelet Transform Based EEG Signal Compression  | 
Kanjana G., James Thomas A.
Total views: 381
Preference of Women in Hotel Industry: An Empirical Study  | 
Gajbhiye Charuta, Patil J.
Total views: 492
A Clarification of the Concept of Agricultural Productivity in Karnataka  | 
Dr. Hanumanthappa K. M.
Total views: 790
Re-Admission Policy and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Performance in Bungoma North Sub-County, Kenya  | 
Violet Wekesa
Total views: 395
A Randomized Controlled Trial to Study the Efficacy of Low Level Laser Therapy Combined with Ischemic Compression in the Treatment of Latent Myofascial Trigger Points  | 
Dilpreet Kaur, Reena Arora, Lalit Arora, Rajesh Paul
Total views: 914
Cascaded Control of a Multilevel STATCOM for Reactive Power Compensation  | 
V. Reshma, V. Pardha Saradhi
Total views: 339
Professional Educational Aspirations and Inspirations among Scheduled Tribe Students  | 
Dr. Parashuram B. Jogin
Total views: 358
Applying Total Quality Management Fundamentals to Research and Development Activities  | 
Dr. Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed Sayed
Total views: 553
Evaluation of the Level of Care Given to Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy at the Cancer Treatment Centre, Kenyatta National Hospital  | 
Patrick Muchiri Githinji, Dr. Joash Auka, Jevas O. Kenyanya, Caesar Barare
Total views: 388
A Model to Predict Diabetes Based on Chromosomes Using Genetic Algorithm  | 
K. Vijaya Lakshmi, M. Padmavathamma
Total views: 440
Effects of Capacity Building on Curriculum Implementation in Secondary Schools in Kenya  | 
Mbai K. Hesbon, Dr. Emily J. Bomett, Dr. Kiprop Catherine
Total views: 519
Intrusion Detection System in WSN Using ACO  | 
Harpreet Kaur, Er. Daljeet Singh Bajwa
Total views: 376
Collision Tumors of Ovary: A Rare Entity  | 
Dr. Sharan J. Pal, Dr. Flora D. Lobo, Dr. S. R. Nayak, Dr. Arun Rao, Dr. Deepika Bansal
Total views: 411
Dietary Assessment of Healthy Pregnant and Lactating Women with Reference to Healthy Non-Pregnant, Non-Lactating (NPNL) Women Belonging to Low Socio –Economic Group  | 
Arvinda Shaw, Suniti (Ghosh) Chatterji
Total views: 391
Organisation of Tourism Activities and the Participation of Local Communities and Private Sector in Tourism Planning, Management and Development: A Case Study of Uganda  | 
Suleyman. M. Katende
Total views: 343