Volume 3, Issue 6, June 2014

Table of Contents


Analysis of Vapour Compression Refrigeration System with Refrigerants R134a, R143a, R152a, R290 and R32  | 
Ramesh P. Sah, Ranadip K. Das, Vidhika Tiwari
Total views: 845
Empowering Employability in Higher Education through Emphasis on Emotional Intelligence  | 
A. Kumari Veenu
Total views: 532
Constraints in the Application of Information Communication and Technologies (ICTs) on Health Information Management in General Hospitals in the Niger Delta  | 
Kotingo E. L., AyaoweiIdemie T., Whyte I. O.
Total views: 580
Prediction and Control of Weld Bead Geometry in PTAH Untitled
Dr. T. Senthilkumar, Rabin R.
Total views: 528
Fire Extinguisher Robot  | 
Tejal Kakade, Manoj Wakdikar
Total views: 591
Action Plans in Implementing Total Productive Energy Maintenance in Industry  | 
Vinay K. S., Dr. H. Ramakrishna, Ravi Kumar D., R. Jagadeesh
Total views: 648
Colour Image Steganography Using LZW Compression and Fisher-Yates Shuffle Algorithm  | 
Tejeshwar G.
Total views: 608
Exploring the Consequences of Additives in Palm and Groundnut Oil  | 
T. Deva Saroja, Dr. N. Madhavi
Total views: 2432
Insurance Telematics  | 
Dr. Meena Goyal
Total views: 956
Humour and Subversion: D.M. Thomas's Charlotte v/s Jean Rhys's Wide Sargasso Sea  | 
Saumi Mary M.
Total views: 656
Color Image Integrity Verification Using Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme  | 
Gnaneshwar G.
Total views: 461
Effects of Different Botanicals and Chemicals on the Incidence of Sucking Insect Pests and their Impact on Mosaic Disease of Mungbean  | 
M. M. Mir Kabir, M. A. Hossain, Tonima Farhat, S. Yasmin, Niaz Md. Farhat Rahman
Total views: 686
Factors Affecting Job Involvement in an Organization: A Case of Nzoia Sugar Company Limited  | 
Christopher Wanyonyi Lubakaya
Total views: 634
A Study of Mobile Application Based on ARCS Design Strategy & Networking Principles for Interactive Learning  | 
Dr. B. R. Prasad Babu, Sukesh H. A., Deepika S.
Total views: 583
Small and Medium Enterprises: A Transformative Initiative to Rapid Socio-Economic Development of Edo State, Nigeria  | 
Samson E. Obamwonyi, Robinson O. Owenvbiugie
Total views: 468
Extraction of Simarouba Biodiesel and Experimental Investigation of its Suitability as Fuel for CI Engine  | 
Amaramma , Arti B., Shruthi H., M. C. Navindgi
Total views: 556
Social Adjustment among B.Ed Teacher Trainees  | 
Dr. Joseph Catherine
Total views: 530
Impact of Urban Expansion on the Agricultural Land Use a Remote Sensing and GIS Approach: A Case of Gondar City, Ethiopia  | 
Eyaya Belay
Total views: 612
Glossolalia a Theological Position in Pentecostal Christianity: A Case Study of Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa Forward in Faith (Z.A.O.G.A F.I.F) Spirituality  | 
Phillip Musoni
Total views: 620
An Efficient Transformation Technique for Contrast Improvement  | 
Vinay Kumar, Jagadisha N.
Total views: 465
Leadership Styles and Organizational Performance: A Case Study of LG Finances, Bindura, Zimbabwe  | 
Chikozho Martin, Mapira Nyasha, Vengesai Edson
Total views: 1117
Analysis on the Level of Women’s Empowerment in Nigeria: Emphasis on Participation in Household Decision Making by Currently Married Women In  | 
Asabe Ibrahim, Sushama Tripathy, Dr Alok Kumar
Total views: 473
Resource Reservation for Channel Access in Wireless LANs  | 
S. Moulali, V. Mallikarjuna, S. Naga Mallik Raj
Total views: 418
Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing Using Output of PFD Untitled
Tanvi Mehata, N. D. Dhoot
Total views: 424
VLSI Implementation of Edge-Oriented Image Scaling Architecture  | 
Shruthi K. M.., Savitha A. P., M. B. Anandraju
Total views: 481
Assessment of Heavy Metal Removal Efficiency of lemnaminor  | 
Ekta Chaudhary, Dr. Praveen Sharma
Total views: 488
Human Body Detection in Static Images Using HOG & Piecewise Linear SVM  | 
Kishor B. Bhangale, R. U. Shekokar
Total views: 748
Allocation of Dynamic Resources for Cloud Computing Environment using Virtual Machines  | 
M. Sujitha, E. Sreenivasulu
Total views: 486
Secure and Efficient File Access Using Location Proof Updating System  | 
Drakshayini , Shaik MD Ghouse, Dr. B. R. Prasad Babu
Total views: 412
Shot Classification in News Video Based on Color Histogram  | 
Sindhu J., Punith Kumar M. B., M. B. Anadraju
Total views: 779
Determinants of Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment Outcomes in Four Counties in Kenya between: 2008-2010  | 
Evans Kiprotich, S. Karanja, Willie Githui, Z. Gura, S. Amwayi
Total views: 464
Application of the ‘Chameleon Survival Strategy Model’ in the Study of Strategic Management in Small and Medium-Scale Enterprises  | 
Alick Mhizha
Total views: 871
Intellectual Capacity Building and Talent Management in the Healthcare Sector via Effective Leadership  | 
Salil Seth
Total views: 654
Moby Dick as an Epic and Captain Ahab as an Epical Hero  | 
Mariya Aslam
Total views: 560
Antifungal Activity of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Phenylalanine Conjugated Cholic Acid Salts & Tyrosine Conjugated Cholic Acid Salts against Candida Species  | 
Kamala Priya M. R., Umamaheswari K., Aruna Sharmili, Rajendiran N.
Total views: 615
Apriori vs Genetic algorithms for Identifying Frequent Item Sets  | 
V. Lakshmi Chaitanya, G. Vijaya Bhaskar
Total views: 538
Comparative Study of Different Iris Occlusion Estimation Techniques Untitled
Aniket B. Dharrao, Dr. S. R. Ganorkar
Total views: 350
Design of Programmable Digital Filter: Band Pass Using Second Order All Pass Transformation and Coefficient Decimation  | 
Ashwini D., Ravindra P. Rajput
Total views: 494
Pharmocophoric Studies of Anti-Telomerase Drugs  | 
Bhart Bhushan, Dr. Luv Kush
Total views: 472
Study of Tribal Medicinal Plants of Maharashtra  | 
Rupali N. Agme, Vaishali N. Agme
Total views: 458
Comparative Study of WiMAX and LTE  | 
Sapinder Kaur
Total views: 409
Linkages between Public Health and Health Demography  | 
Dr. Nwizugbe Obiageri Ezenwa
Total views: 443
Clinical Profile of Epistaxis in a Tertiary Health Centre: A Retrospective Study  | 
Dr. Geetha K. Siddapur, Dr. Kishan R. Siddapur
Total views: 473
Evaluation of the Competence of Sonographers in 3D/4D Ultrasound Imaging: The Case of Nairobi County  | 
Dr. Joash Auka, John B. Wachira, Luke G. Kanamu, Veronica Ndumbi
Total views: 754
Reversible Data Hiding with Good Payload Distortion  | 
Indhumathi M., Regina B.
Total views: 400
Analysis of India’s Quest for Ensuring Food Security  | 
Shobhana Kumar Pattanayak, E. T. Puttaiah
Total views: 619
Practices of Command Area Farmers of Tank System for Potential Solutions to Global Climate Change Implications  | 
Shobhana Kumar Pattanayak, E. T. Puttaiah
Total views: 473
The Enrichment of Teaching Techniques in a Professional Career  | 
Dr. S. Durga Malleeswari
Total views: 354
Staple Crops Prices versus Smallholders’ Constrained Agricultural Output Maximization: Case of Enderta Woreda, Tigray, Ethiopia  | 
Gebremeskel Berhane Tesfay, Tefera Kebede
Total views: 420
Effect of Alstonia Boonei and Annona Senegalensis Combination on Histopathological Damages Caused by Plasmodium Berghei in the Liver of Infected Albino Mice  | 
Onwusonye J. C., Uwakwe A. A., Iwuanyanwu P.
Total views: 480
An Assessment of Intellectual Property Rights in Nigeria Agriculture  | 
Josephine Bosede Ayoola, Gbolagade Babalola Ayoola, D. O. Chikwendu
Total views: 511
Pragmatism of Ethical Decision Making Framework  | 
Rozina Jalaluddin
Total views: 550
Post Hatch Development of Chromaffin Tissuein the Adrenal Gland of Kuttanad Ducks (Anas Platyrhynchos Domesticus)  | 
Fathima R., K. M. Lucy
Total views: 398
Assessing the Impact of Credit on Rice Production and Food Security on Farm Households in Bangladesh  | 
Muhammad Shahrukh Rahman, Mashrufah Khatun , Mohammad Ataur Rahman, Md. Golam Azam, Shifat Sultana
Total views: 504
Speech Synthesis Using Android  | 
Shailesh S. Sangle, Nilesh M. Patil
Total views: 465
Contraceptive Behaviour of Tribal Eligible Couples in Bankura district of West Bengal  | 
Dr. R. Misra, Dr. S. Lahiri, Dr. Aditi Chaudhuri, Dr. A. B. Soren, Dr. B. Pal
Total views: 359
Poverty and Insecurity in Nigerian Democratic Dispensation  | 
Oladayo Nathaniel Awojobi
Total views: 584
Modeling and Simulation of Global Solar Radiation in Warri, Nigeria Using Gamma Test and Artificial Neural Network Algorithms  | 
Asagha, Emmanuel Nkoro, Sunday O. Udo, Idugba M. Echi
Total views: 480
John Edgar Wideman’s Hurry Home: The Confused World of Black Intellectual  | 
Dr. B. R. Pandey, D. A. Gundawar
Total views: 399
An Investigation of the Relevance on English Textbook Input on Learner’s Acquisition of Cohesion in Grammar in Secondary Schools in Kenya  | 
Ephraim M. Waihiga, Kanjuki Agnes, Bowen K. Dave
Total views: 483
Model Policy for Mitigating Corruption’s Impact on Sustainable Civil Infrastructure: Case Nigeria  | 
Olatunji Ariyomo, Oyedokun A. Abiodun
Total views: 597
Simplified IPAD Ordering System for Hotels  | 
M. Vasanth kumar, Arthik Daniel Das
Total views: 667
Understanding of Lithium-Borosilicate Glass System through MOT Untitled
D. B. Thombre, K. Singh
Total views: 411
Fractal Analysis of Brain Tumors  | 
N. Jayaraj, Dr. P. Mohanalah
Total views: 437
An Adaptive Routing Mechanism for Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN)  | 
Brijesh Rajanna Gonchikar, Geetha V., Rajashekar Kunabeva
Total views: 474
GPS Based Train Tracking System: Utilizing Mobile Networks to Support Public Transportation  | 
K. Siva Rama Krishna, K. Veerraju Chowdary
Total views: 427
Computational Analysis of Gas Turbine Blade Cooling System  | 
Mahesh Reddy P.
Total views: 435
Enhancing Visualization with Vizster in Knowledge Extraction Scenario  | 
S. A. Ghadling, M. A. Potey
Total views: 329
Innovative Approach for Gesture to Voice Conversion: Review  | 
Priyanka R. Potdar, Dr. D. M. Yadav
Total views: 621
Comparison of channel Estimation and Performance of MRC and ZF Receivers in Multicell Multiuser Uplink with Very Large Antenna Arrays Untitled
Khalander Shariff N. S., Jagadeesh Kanade
Total views: 531
Steel-Concrete Composite Beam Design Using Genetic Algorithm  | 
Dr. D. R. Panchal
Total views: 343
Image Modification Detection & Modification Prediction System  | 
V. Swathy, N. Manjubashini, R. Savitha
Total views: 400
OTP Generation for ATM Theft Protection  | 
D. Priya, R. Suganya, Dr. R. Nedunchelian, S. Pratheepa Devepriya, M. Umamaheshwari
Total views: 504
A Novel Data Hiding and Compression Scheme  | 
A. Madhuri, N. Suguna
Total views: 427
Simulation Analysis of Three Phase & Line to Ground Fault of Induction Motor Using FFT  | 
Anant G. Kulkarni, Dr. M. F. Qureshi, Dr. Manoj Jha
Total views: 385
Vehicle Verification Based on LG Filters  | 
K. Deepthi Chaitanya, Dr. K. Nagi Reddy
Total views: 375
2D-DCT HMM Based Approach for Face Recognition  | 
Prashant Joshi, S. S. Deshmukh
Total views: 911
Experimental Study on Direct Pull out Test: Straight Bar, Bent-Up and Headed Bar  | 
Mayur Parmar, M. A. Jamnu
Total views: 505
Development of an Interactive Web Portal for Kenyan Tea  | 
Ngige W. John, Kinyua K. Johnson, Gitonye W. Christopher, Kariuki Daniel, Mwangi John
Total views: 669
Exploring Social Entrepreneurship in the Hospitality Industry  | 
Smile Dzisi, Faustina Aku Otsyina
Total views: 1006
Crowdsourcing: A Result Analysis  | 
Jayshri N. Ganthade, Dr. S. R. Gupta
Total views: 439
Academic Staff Perceptions of the Impact of Internal Quality Audit: The Case of Zimbabwe Open University  | 
Trust Nyenya, Richard Bukaliya
Total views: 417
Quality Circles in Open and Distance Learning Institutions; Opportunities and Challenges: A Case of the Zimbabwe Open University  | 
Trust Nyenya, Gift Rupande
Total views: 461
Quality Assurance Workshops in Building Capacity of University Lecturers for Sustainable Development in Zimbabwe  | 
Trust Nyenya, Richard Bukaliya
Total views: 425
Quality Assurance: The Keystone to Learners Satisfaction: The Case of Zimbabwe Open University Mashonaland East Region  | 
Gift Rupande, Trust Nyenya
Total views: 386
Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B Surface Antigen and Antibodies to Hepatitis C Virus at an Indian State Bordering Myanmar: A Hospital-Based Study  | 
Laifangbam Supriya, Khongbantabam Vyas, Thokchom Biren S., Khumukcham Lokeshwar S., Huidrom Lokhendro S., Rajkumari Bishwalata
Total views: 451
Assessing the Compliance of Sachet Water Producers to Regulatory Standards in Ghana: A Study of the Tamale Metropolis  | 
Nuhu Yidana, Ibrahim Osman, Zakaria Yidana, Joseph Dery Nyeadi, Charles Amoyea Atogenzoya
Total views: 589
Antipseudomonal Activity of Soft Contact Lens Solution: A Comparative Study  | 
Dr. Kalpana Suresh, Dr. Manipriya , Dr. Anandhalakshmi
Total views: 433
A Retrospective Study on Prevalence of Anomalous Babies in a Tertiary Care Hospital  | 
Dr. Bharathi Rao, Dr. Arun Rao, Dr. Bharathi P.
Total views: 367
Node Auto Configuration in MANETs Using Filter Based Addressing Protocol  | 
Rakesh Patil M. S., Dr. Prabhudeva S.
Total views: 430
Highly Scalable Key Pre-Distribution Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks  | 
S. Munvar Hussain, P. Bhaskar
Total views: 355