Volume 3, Issue 5, May 2014

Table of Contents


The Prognosis of the Church’s Involvement in Development in the Context of Her Mission  | 
David Hellingtone Kodia
Total views: 557
The Role of the Church in Democratization Process in Kenya  | 
David Hellingtone Kodia
Total views: 565
Road Safety and Audit: An Accident Studies of Selected Stretch Road  | 
Chetan R. Mankar, N. H. Pitale
Total views: 711
High Quality High Capacity Robust DWT Based Steganography  | 
Bikash Kumar Panigrahi, P. Sanjeeva Reddy
Total views: 482
Vibration Analysis of Switched Reluctance Motor with Exterior Rotor  | 
R. Subashraj, S. Prabhu, A. Manikandan, N. C. Lenin, V. Chandrasekar, R. Arumugam
Total views: 615
Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential Response in Acquired Sensory Neural Hearing Loss  | 
Mohan Kumar Kalaiah, Ajit Kumar, Rajesh Ranjan
Total views: 576
Origin and Development of Dalit Community  | 
Dr. Shivanand I. Hunashimarad
Total views: 517
Analysis of Operating Performance of Indian Cement Industry  | 
P. Vaijayanthimala, Dr. A. Vijayakumar
Total views: 737
Industrial Wireless Monitoring and Control Using Zig-Bee Technology  | 
Ankesh Patel, Rakesh Trivedi, Arjav Bavarva
Total views: 495
Socio-Economic Condition of the People of Darjeeling: Out-Migration as a Survival Strategy (?)  | 
Dr. Gopal Sharma
Total views: 963
Review Study on Topologies of Multilevel Inverters  | 
Dnyaneshwar D. Khairnar, V. M. Deshmukh
Total views: 535
A Survey on Text Mining using Genetic Algorithm  | 
Rekha Dahiya, Anshima Singh
Total views: 681
Power Requirement for Flying Bike  | 
Amit Singh Dhakad, Arun Singh
Total views: 562
A Survey on Application of Particle Swarm Optimization in Text Mining  | 
Rekha Dahiya, Anshima Singh
Total views: 540
Brief Overview of Ad Hoc Routing Protocols  | 
S.I.S. Jaffarvalli
Total views: 490
Performance Comparison of AODV and B-AODV Routing Protocols  | 
S.I.S. Jaffarvalli
Total views: 544
A Comparative Survey and Issues in Multicast Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks  | 
Anshul Gangwar, Aviral Kumar, Shesh Kumar Sharma
Total views: 2896
Continuity and Change in Health and Health Care Practices among the Mishing Tribe of Golaghat District in Assam  | 
Dr. Tapan Saikia
Total views: 474
Production of the Best Natural Health Supplements Using Fruit Waste Materials  | 
Shweta Hardia, Dr. Sanjida Iqbal
Total views: 420
A Survey on Performance Evaluation of MANET Routing Protocols  | 
Aviral Kumar, Nishank Tyagi, Vipin Kumar
Total views: 682
Transient Stability Enhancement of 110/11kv Substation using ETAP  | 
Aswani R., Sakthivel R.
Total views: 474
Competitive Strategies’ Effects on the Market Share of Independent Petroleum Companies in Kenya  | 
Philip Wambua Peter, Mary Namusonge, Clifford Waema, Cush Luwesi Ngonzo
Total views: 539
Modeling and Simulation of Single Phase to Three Phase Cycloconverter for Low Cost AC Motor Drives  | 
Kamaljeet Singh Thakur, C. S. Sharma, S. P. Phulambrikar
Total views: 499
Performance Analysis of Kusum Methyl Ester as Alternative Bio-fuel in Diesel Engine with Diethyl Ether as Additive  | 
Sandip S. Jawre, S. M. Lawankar
Total views: 647
Emotional Intelligence and Job Satisfaction among Employees of Service Sector in Pakistan  | 
Muhammad Ashraf, Nawaz Ahmad, Omar Ahmed Shaikh, Saleem Raza Bhatti
Total views: 494
Effectiveness of Decentralized Education Bursary Fund in Enhancing Equity in Access and Participation in Public Secondary Schools, in Kajiado County, Kenya  | 
Dr. Fedha Flora, Dr. Catherine Mumuikha, Dr. Beatrice Ndiga, Dr. Shem Mwala, Dr, Njagi Margaret
Total views: 827
Religious, Cultural and Social Burdens as Major Contributing Factors in the Level of Poverty in Africa  | 
David H. Kodia
Total views: 401
Addressing the Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) Problem in Africa  | 
Nicholas Okai
Total views: 638
Terrorism in West Africa: Boko Haram, Adding Some Few Recommendations to the Yamoussoukro Declaration  | 
Nicholas Okai
Total views: 565
Influence of Soil Properties on P Sorption Characteristics and Yield of Soybean (Glycine Max (L.) Merr.) In Some Alfisols in Benue State, Nigeria  | 
Bemgba Anjembe, C. O. Adejuyigbe, F. Ibrahim
Total views: 436
Variation in Innervation of Lumbricals of Hands  | 
Dr. M. Khizer Hussain Afroze, Aswinpraksh , Dr. Ramesh P., Vaithianathan G., Balaji T. K., Dr. John Paul Judson
Total views: 484
Nutritional Destiny and Lifestyles Influence Telomeric Biomolecules  | 
Bhart Bhushan, Dr. Luv Kush
Total views: 731
Area and Power Efficient Fixed Point LMS Adaptive Filter using Ripple Carry Adder  | 
Rubiya C. H., Muralidharan V., Varatharaj M.
Total views: 408
Telomeres Promise Biological Anti-Aging Potential of Human Life  | 
Bhart Bhushan, Vivek Verma, Dr. Luv Kush
Total views: 875
Ethnic Consciousness and the Identity Movement of the Thengal Kachari of Assam  | 
Biswajit Borah
Total views: 542
Ubiquo of Data Collection from Server to Mobile Device  | 
R. Nivedha
Total views: 352
Extreme Make-Up and Costume Designs on the Nigerian Stage: The Techniques of Oye Ogungbe  | 
Bakare Lilian Eguriase
Total views: 401
Denoising a Image Using Different Filters  | 
P. S. Niveda, S. Vinodhini, K. Malathi
Total views: 398
Projects’ Critical Success Factors: Empirical Study of Non-Governmental Organizations in Uasin Gishu County, Kenya  | 
Jackson K. Rotich, Dr. Kadian Wanyonyi Wanyama, Dr. Musiega Douglas, Laura Mamuli
Total views: 604
The Pattern of Referrals to the Imaging Department of the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Eldoret  | 
Dr. Auka Joash, Kipchirchir Boen P., Mitei Patrick
Total views: 647
A Study and Understanding of Mobile Presence Service with Enhanced Scalability in Social Network Application  | 
Dr. B. R. Prasad Babu, Savitha R.
Total views: 424
Model Based Testing Using UML Diagram  | 
Simrandeep Kaur, Rupinder Singh
Total views: 441
An E-Mail Based Solution for Peer to Peer File Download  | 
Rachana C. R.
Total views: 536
A 10 Bit Low Power Current Steering Digital to Analog Converter Using 45 nm CMOS and GDI Logic  | 
Mehul P. Patel, Bharat H. Nagpara
Total views: 944
Image Processing Using Patch Based Processing and Filtering Techniques  | 
M. Lakshmi Chaithra
Total views: 363
Forecasting Global Turbocharger Market: A Mixed Method Approach  | 
Deepa Puthran, Shivaprasad H. C., Keerthesh Kumar K. S., Manjunath M.
Total views: 490
Corrosion Behaviour of Stainless Steel Grade 304 IN–1MHCL  | 
Ajit Kumar, Nitesh Kumar, Anjani Kumar Singh, G. Das
Total views: 471
A Novel Energy Management of Smart Home with Multi Knapsack Load Monitoring Analysis  | 
Reena Kumar, Sampathkumar Alzwar, Pradeepa Palraj
Total views: 503
Problems of Education among Scheduled Tribe P.G. Students in Karnataka  | 
Dr. N. R. Savatikar
Total views: 466
Fuzzy Logic Based MPPT Algorithm for Solar PV systems  | 
Tejpal Singh Cheema, Jaspreet Kaur
Total views: 381
Improving Packet Delivery Ratio in Vehicular Network Using Cooperative MAC Methods  | 
Thanuja R., Dr. B. R. Prasad Babu, Ramya A. R.
Total views: 418
Vocational Education System in India  | 
Dr. Nalini V. Bengeri
Total views: 461
Dance Costumes in Abuja Carnival: The Contradictions of Socio-Political Integration  | 
Lilian E. Bakare
Total views: 368
Implementation of Token Based Distributed DCF for 802.11 MAC  | 
Manas Manjunath Shastri, Nataraju A. B.
Total views: 414
Role of Regulator in Promoting Safety Culture  | 
Hany Sallam Wesam Zakaria
Total views: 382
A Study on Factors Influencing Quality of Construction Projects  | 
Teena Joy
Total views: 584
Impact of Brand Equity Drivers on Purchase Intention (A Quantitative Study of Smart Phone Market)  | 
Anosh Muhammad, Naqvi Hamad, Ghulam Shabir
Total views: 1147
Effect of Electrical Stimulation on Spasticity in Spastic Diplegic Cerebral Palsy Children  | 
Dr. Lalit Arora, Reena Arora, Vibha Kataria
Total views: 2342
A True Picture of Electronic Business on Agriculture Sector of Southern Punjab, Pakistan  | 
Ghulam Shabir, Naqvi Hamad, Muhammad Anosh
Total views: 910
Squeezing of Color Image Using New Wavelet Bi-Orthogonal Filter Coefficient Based Preliminary Plan  | 
Nitin Sharma
Total views: 3421
Scaled Agile Framework: A Blight  | 
Aditya Pancholi, Sapna Grover
Total views: 617
A Novel Approach to Dynamic Voltage Restorer  | 
Ishmeet Singh Saini
Total views: 446
Translating Hand Hygiene Knowledge into Practice: A Study of Basic School Children in an Urban Community in Ghana  | 
Isaac Monney, Dwumfour Asare Bismark, Owusu Mensah Isaac, Badzi Saviour Ewoenam Yaw
Total views: 589
Automation in CNC Code Generation and Tool Path Optimization for Micro-milling Machine  | 
M Prakash, P. Hariharan, M. Kanthababu
Total views: 506
Implementation of Support Vector Machine to Analysis Text Detection in Images and Videos  | 
Manjushree M. N., Punithkumar M. B.
Total views: 432
Improved Granularity of HW/SW Co-Simulation by using Pipelined Instruction Set Simulator  | 
Ritika Chandan, Sachin Majithia, Vivek Sharma
Total views: 505
Optimization of Multilevel Inverter Using ACO  | 
R. Deepika, Vinoth Kumar, Balachandar
Total views: 418
From Marvels to Disasters: Flaws in Requirements Engineering and Design  | 
Sapna Grover, Aditya Pancholi
Total views: 522
Performance Enhancement of HW/SW Co-simulation using Pipelined Processor Virtual Models  | 
Ritika Chandan, Sachin Majithia, Vivek Sharma
Total views: 447
Value Stream Mapping as a Tool for Lean Implementation: A Case Study  | 
Manjunath M., Dr. Shivaprasad H. C., Keerthesh Kumar K. S., Deepa Puthran
Total views: 455
Pick and Place Robotic System for Thermostat Radiator Cap  | 
Atul Yadav, Siddesh Mehta, Sidharth Sawant, Chetan Pujari, Mukesh Chaudhary
Total views: 420
A Log Linear Probabilistic Model for String Transformation Using Non Dictionary Approach  | 
Akshay Kumar N.
Total views: 672
Mobile Security Trends  | 
Jyothy Joseph, Shinto Kurian K.
Total views: 1349
Indigenous Pest Management Mechanisms in Ankesha Guagusa Wereda (District), Northwestern Ethiopia  | 
Alemu Alene Kebede
Total views: 403
3D Point Cloud Generation Using IMU for Indoor Positioning  | 
Vikas Kumar Gupta, Nongthombam Klinton Singh, Maibam Richardson
Total views: 1433
Impact of Livestock and Human Activities on the Floral Distribution of Gulmarg Wildlife Sanctuary, Kashmir  | 
Saima , Shaheena Akhter, Dr. Arshid Jehangir
Total views: 429
Communications Performance Enhancement and Analysis of Diversity Techniques for Broadband Wireless  | 
Mayank Sharma, Deependra Pandey
Total views: 627
Selective Video Encryption using Harmony Search  | 
Jyoti Singh, Ashok Kumar
Total views: 549
A Survey of Packet Dropper Detection in Wireless Network  | 
Swati Patil, Ashwini Gawande
Total views: 521
Grouping in Wireless LANS to Increase Throughput by Collision Control  | 
Shruti Ganapati Hegde, Jayanthi M. G.
Total views: 367
Tongue-Tied: Writing Post-Colonial History in Coetzee’s Foe and Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children  | 
Pragati Dutta
Total views: 518
Analysis of Effect of High Temperature on Micro Structure of Low Carbon Steel Bars Using Hot Rolling Process  | 
Pradip A. Dahiwade, Sudhir Shrivastava
Total views: 438
Design of Stack Rectangular Dielectric Resonator Antenna for Wireless Application  | 
Bandana Rajanandini, Dr. Rajat Gupta, Dr. S. K. Behera
Total views: 401
An Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Butt Welding Processes on AA6082 and AA5083 Alloy  | 
V. Sivashankar, P. Renugadevi
Total views: 512
Evaluation of Adaptive Polarimetric Speckle Filters over Agricultural Areas  | 
Deepika U., Ramana K. V., Srikanth P.
Total views: 385
Phytoplankton Dynamics of Manasbal Lake in Kashmir Himalaya  | 
Shaheena Akhter, Saima , A. K. Pandit
Total views: 596
Corporate Diversification as a Determinant on Firm Value: A Case of Mumias Sugar Manufacturing Firm in Kenya  | 
Omesa N. Wesley, Dr. Robert Eggesa, Dr. Douglas Musiega
Total views: 500
An Assessment of Teaching and Evaluation Methods Used in the FCT Basic Education Schools  | 
Moyinoluwa Toyin D.
Total views: 442
An Artificial Immune System Approach for the Fault Detection and Diagnosis of a DC Machine  | 
K. Shivakumar, K. S. V. Phani Kumar, Dr. K. Sumanth
Total views: 424
Baandhav: Smart Mobile Application for the Safety of Women and Elderly Population  | 
Dr. B. R. Prasad Babu, Smita Patil, Gayathri T.
Total views: 642
Mobile Offloading for Maximum Utility at Minimum Cost  | 
Anjana Antony, Dr. B. R. Prasad Babu, K. K. Mathew
Total views: 409
Symbolism in “Sparrows” by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas  | 
Mariya Aslam
Total views: 846
Comparative Study between Open Well Water and Tube Well Water of Balasore Town by Correlation and Regression Method  | 
Dr. Nibedita Pattnayak
Total views: 421
Implementation of Color Image Encryption in Gray Level by Using Pixel Shuffling and Single Chaotic System  | 
Vishwajyoti Phulari, Prabhavathi K.
Total views: 432
Compensation of Reactive Power and Control of Voltage Profile by Tuned Statcom  | 
Ravikant Shardul, Pranda Prasanta Gupta
Total views: 396
Mineral Status of Dairy Buffaloes in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh in India  | 
Dr. D. Indira, Dr. A. Samuel
Total views: 396
Assessing the Sustainability of the Operations of the National Health Insurance Scheme: A Case of Oguaa Mansin Health Insurance Scheme, Cape Coast, Ghana  | 
Gabriel Mwinkume, Gladys Obuadey
Total views: 423
The Historical Development of the Sociological Approach to the Study of Literature  | 
Dr. Arun Murlidhar Jadhav
Total views: 510
Youth Aspirations and Governance in Meghalaya: A Case Study  | 
Altricia Synrem
Total views: 470
Prevalence of Iodine Deficiency Disorders and Urinary Iodine Excretion among Primary School Children in Makina and Kilimani in Nairobi, Kenya  | 
Gabriel M. Kishoyian, Eliud N. M. Njagi, Dr. George O. Orinda, Dr. Joseph N. Ngeranwa, Dr. Joash Auka
Total views: 717
Teaching Workload Analysis for Performance Contracting and Service Delivery in the Academic Setting of Kenya  | 
Philip Wambua Peter, Dr. Gorretti Ofafa, Dr. Samuel Otor, Cush L. Ngonzo
Total views: 512
Response of Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) Varieties to BAP and Kinetin on in vitro Shoot Multiplication  | 
Belay Tolera, Mulugeta Diro, Derbew Belew
Total views: 439
Elderly Depression in Pakistan: An Emerging Public Health Challenge  | 
Laila Akber Cassum
Total views: 474
A Novel Geo-Routing Protocol for Enhancing Routing Perfrormance in Tactical Ad Hoc Networks  | 
Dr. B. R. Prasad Babu, Ashitha A. C., Gayathri T.
Total views: 423
Similarities and Differences between Social Venturing Co-operative Entrepreneurship Business [SVCE-bm] Model and New Generation Co-operative Business Model [NGC-bm]  | 
Moulen Siame
Total views: 509
Strategies to Retain Employees in Organizations: How Textile & Telecoms Deal with Their Workforce  | 
Aamir Saifullah
Total views: 453
Automatic 3D Video Conversion by Depth Estimation and Color Segmentation  | 
D. Dheva Prasadh, Fahad Iqbal
Total views: 401
Why Women Do Not Benefit from Nigeria: An Assessment of Project Implementation in a Federal Ministry  | 
Gift Uchechi Ntiwunka
Total views: 686
Gender Issues in Classroom Interaction and Students’ Achievement in Social Studies  | 
Dr. Oluwagbohunmi M. F.
Total views: 456
Factors That Affect Performance of Procurement Department  | 
Margaret Ojil Oyando, Dr. Yusuf Kibet, Dr. Douglas Musiega
Total views: 559
A Similarity Measure Based on Min and Max Operators for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multi Sets Untitled
P. Rajarajeswari, N. Uma
Total views: 906
Challenges in Achieving Transparency and Accountability in Public Procurement Procedures in Secondary Schools Sabatia Sub-County, Vihiga County, Kenya  | 
Airo Cyprian Angokho, Dr. Shem Juma, Dr. Musiega Douglas
Total views: 461
An Approach to Malware Detection Using Error Back Propagation Networks  | 
Krish Godiawala, Devashish Vohra, Karan Mirani, Nimish Lakhani
Total views: 404
Influence of Excess Pocket Money on Drug Abuse among Secondary Schools in Laikipia, Nakuru and Kericho Counties, Kenya  | 
Dr. Isaac W. King’ori, Dr. Musau Kithuka, Joseph Maina
Total views: 601
Strategies for Wastewater Management: A Case of (a 1000 year old) Cuttack City  | 
Rajnandan Patnaik
Total views: 406
Community Participation in Water Sector Governance in Kenya: A Performance Based Appraisal of Community Water Management Systems in Ngaciuma-Kinyaritha Catchment, Tana Basin, Mount Kenya Region  | 
James Maina Mathenge, Cush Ngonzo Luwesi, Chris Allan Shisanya, Ishmail Mahiri, Rose Adhiambo Akombo, Mary Nyawira Mutiso
Total views: 577
Water Security Where Governmental Policies Conflict with Local Practices: The Roles of Community Water Management Systems in Ngaciuma-Kinyaritha, Kenya  | 
James Maina Mathenge, Cush Ngonzo Luwesi, Chris Allan Shisanya, Ishmail Mahiri, Rose Adhiambo Akombo, Mary Nyawira Mutiso
Total views: 558
A Survey on Spatial Indexing of Trajectories using Adaptive Network R-Tree of Moving Objects in Road Networks  | 
S. Sathya, Dr. M. Sugumaran
Total views: 448
Load Flow Studies of IEEE-14 Bus System Using Matlab Untitled
Dr. Rajesh Kr. Ahuja, Shakti Vashisth
Total views: 2080
Wear Behavior of Coir Reinforced Treated and Untreated Hybrid Composites  | 
Divya G. S., Anand Kakhandaki, Suresha B.
Total views: 573
Health and Hygiene Practices in the Rural Areas  | 
Dr. Chandrashekhar B.
Total views: 393
Barriers of Advancement: Ghana's Printing Industry  | 
Abraham Boakye-Amponsah, Ebenezer Kofi Enninful
Total views: 410
Embedded Based Pedestrian Safety and Guidance System While Traveling in Public Transport  | 
S. Sukhumar, S. Sofiya, S. Abinaya, M. Bhuvaneswari, N. Divya, N. Suthanthira Vanitha
Total views: 359
Modified Double Mod RSA Tested with Brute Force Attack  | 
Abhishek Gupta, Vishal Sharma
Total views: 377