Volume 3, Issue 4, April 2014

Table of Contents


Morphological and Topographical Study of Nutrient Foramina in Adult Humerii  | 
Sabah Yaseen, Nitya W.
Total views: 676
Synthesis, Characterisation and Application of Phenol-Formaldehyde Resin Blended with Sulphonated Terminalia Bellerica, Roxb. Charcoal  | 
D. Ragavan, A. Girija, B. Kathereen, R. K. Seenivasan
Total views: 611
Spatial Outlier Detection Approaches and Methods: A Survey  | 
T. Surya, B. Azhagusundari
Total views: 475
Chemopharmacophoric Aphrodicophore  | 
Anil Bijlwan, Alok Maithani, Dr. Luv Kush
Total views: 485
Analysis of Cost and Return of Maize Production in Numan Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Nigeria  | 
Jimjel Zalkuwi, Asabe Ibrahim, Elias Kwakanapwa
Total views: 515
Data Quality Issues in a Sampling Survey  | 
Dr. Nwizugbe Obiageri Ezenwa
Total views: 555
Influence of Management Support on the Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning System at KSC  | 
Alex Semutwa, Dr. Bichanga Walter Okibo
Total views: 588
Arimedadi Taila, An Alternative Remedy in the Management of Dental Diseases  | 
Dr. V. Madhu Sudhana Rao, Dr. J. Kranthi, Dr. K. Srinivas Rao, Dr. Swapna Vallabh
Total views: 666
Survey on Collision Avoidance System in VANET  | 
R. Thenmozhi, Yusuf H., Vignesh K., Dinesh J.
Total views: 801
Generation of Direct and Indirect Association Rule from Web Log Data  | 
Kalpana Wani, Dr. J. W. Bakal
Total views: 481
Barriers to Entrepreneurship among Business Students in Sunyani Polytechnic of Ghana  | 
Kwabena Adjei, Samuel Broni-Pinkrah, Richard Denanyoh
Total views: 633
Effects of Reduced Visual Acuity on Extracurricular Activities among Secondary School Students in Southern Nigeria  | 
Kotingo E. L., Obodo Daniel U., Iroka Felicia Tochi, Ebeigbe Ejime, Amakiri Taribo
Total views: 466
Generational Differences Regarding Educational Career and Personal Aspirations of Adolescents  | 
Dr. H. B. Mahantesh
Total views: 455
Technical Efficiency Sheep Fattening in Gombi Local Government Area of Adamawa State  | 
Jimjel Zalkuwi, Daniel J. Dzarma, Hyelkaya Philemon
Total views: 505
A Secure Encounter-Based Key Transmission over Tor Network In Mobile Social Networks for Improving Security and Privacy  | 
B. Suganya, J. Viji Priya
Total views: 602
A Study of Tobacco Use amongst Migrant Labourers in North India  | 
Sekhon H., Minhas S.
Total views: 588
Effect of Type II Diabetes on Speech Perception in Noise  | 
Gagan Bajaj, Sujay Puthuchery, Jayashree Bhat, Rajesh Ranjan
Total views: 709
Weight Loss Corrosion Studies of Al6061 / Quartz Metal Matrix Composites in Sea Water  | 
Radha H. R., Krupakara P. V., Sathish Kumar S., Vinutha K., Veena Devi
Total views: 701
Improve Multicast Forwarding for Mobile Ad-Hoc Network: A Survey  | 
Akshay R. Patel Patel, Rashmin Prajapati
Total views: 473
A Study on People Awareness towards Roaming Tariff Plans  | 
Mohammad Amer Khan, Abdul Kareem, Ashrul Zeeshan
Total views: 728
Designing of Auurvediccophoric Models of Aphrodiscophores  | 
Anil Bijlwan, Dr. Luv Kush
Total views: 528
An Methodical Study of Customer Attitude towards Caller Tunes for Various Mobile Services Providers  | 
Ami Sah, Nafees Zehra, Ashwini Boyapati
Total views: 754
Optimal Reconfiguration of Power Distribution Systems  | 
Suraj Bharadwaja Tripathy
Total views: 530
Probable Causes and Proposed Alternatives of Rutting on BRT Route (Phase-1), Ahmedabad  | 
Kumkum Bhattacharya, Sagar Deshmukh
Total views: 500
Interpreting Kancha Ilaiah’s Buffalo Nationalism  | 
Khushee Saroha
Total views: 684
Geo-Environmental Assessment of Hazardous Effects of Disposal Wastewater, Jeddah, Red Sea Coast, Saudi Arabia  | 
Bader A. Hakami, El-Sayed Sedek Abu Seif
Total views: 563
Leadership Dual Behaviour and Workers’ Performance: A People-Task Orientation Model  | 
Dr. Egwakhe A. Johnson
Total views: 709
(N, 1) Secret Sharing  | 
Tejal M. Tillu, Preeti R. More
Total views: 486
HART Based Flow Indicator Totalizer  | 
Supriya V. Lohar, Ketaki S. Jagtap, Sarvesh S. Mundada
Total views: 496
Financial Literacy: Important for Growth and Inclusion  | 
Dr. Mahesh Sarva
Total views: 533
Factors Influencing Asset Growth of Retirement Benefits Schemes: A Case of CFC Life Assurance Managed Schemes  | 
Gladys Musembi
Total views: 507
The Attitude of Patients towards the Involvement of Medical Students during a Medical Procedure or Examination  | 
Caroline Jepkosgei, Dr. Joash Auka, Gabriel K. Manyara
Total views: 417
Removal of Noises from Images by Improved Median Filter & Analysis of FCM Algorithm  | 
J. M. Waghmare, B. D. Patil
Total views: 421
Inhibition to Software Piracy Using Challenging Response Protocol  | 
Surendra Mahajan, Hemant Choudhari, Sonali Kolte, Pratik Chothe
Total views: 557
Attributes That Influence Customer Satisfaction with Service Quality at Kenya Power Company  | 
Nyangweso Gaster Nashappi, Dr. Stella Omari, Agata Rita Nyamonaa
Total views: 558
SPA Services: Healing or Pampering (A Study on Significance of SPA Service to Individuals)  | 
Vandana Deswal
Total views: 770
Multioriented Video Scene Based Image Dehazing Using Artificial Bee Colony Optimization  | 
Madhansubramanian , Tamilarasi M.
Total views: 551
English-Hindi Translation System with Scarce Resources  | 
Nitin Wagadia, Prakash Ravaria, Rahul Bhat, Shail Parekh
Total views: 778
Leaves of Ocimum Sanctum [LOS]: A Potent Antidiabetic Herbal Medicine  | 
Dr. Srinivasa Prasadacharyulu Ch.
Total views: 683
A Combined Study of Control Scheduling and Online Adaptive System for Fault Tolerance in Multiprocessor Real Time Systems  | 
Leena Das, Rohan Bibhudutta Routray
Total views: 951
Power Quality Improvement Using Shunt Active Power Filter  | 
Diksha Rani Singh, Sourabh Gupta
Total views: 432
A Study on People Preference for Selecting Full Talk Time Offers  | 
Uzma Mahreen, Juveria Fatima, Rini Raveena Singh
Total views: 647
Changing Labour Patterns in Kashmir Agriculture: A Case Study of Village Bugam  | 
Naseer Ahmad Wani
Total views: 505
Use of Bagasse Ash as Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete  | 
George Rowland Otoko
Total views: 544
Prevalence of Hypertension among School Children in Puducherry  | 
Dr. C. Kishore kumar, Dr. A. Christy, Dr. P. Ganesh Kumar, Dr. R. Vijaya kumar, Dr. R. Srikumar, Dr. V. Venkatesh Gobi
Total views: 567
Ornaments in Medieval Bengali Literature: An Image of Contemporary Society  | 
Snigdha Sinha
Total views: 548
West Africa and the Drug Menace: Finding a Solution Based on Grant’s 6 point Hypotheses  | 
Nicholas Okai
Total views: 499
Drought - Induced Accumulation of Soluble Sugars and Proline in Two Pigeon Pea (Cajanus Cajan L.Millsp.) Cultivars  | 
S. Punya Sheela Devi, B. Sujatha
Total views: 648
A Survey on Different Architectures Used in Online Self Testing for Real Time System  | 
Leena Das, Snehasish Swain
Total views: 437
Analysis of Wimax Connectivity in Rural and Urban Area Using Okumura-Hata Propagation Model  | 
Dube R. R., Dhanashetti A. G.
Total views: 482
Influence of Varied Combinations of Complex Training on Explosive Power of School Volleyball Players  | 
Suresh Kumar R., Dr. Anbalagan P.
Total views: 662
Effects of Silambam and Karate with Yogic Training on Agility and Arm Explosive Power of Collegiate Male Students  | 
S. Suthakar, Dr. A. Pushparajan
Total views: 1017
Characterization of Mulk Raj Anand’s Novels  | 
Dr. Shashi Yadav
Total views: 604
Estimation of Moisture Content in Soil Using Image Processing  | 
Mrutyunjaya R. Dharwad, Toufiq A. Badebade, Megha M. Jain, Ashwini R. Maigur
Total views: 825
Automatic Stain Detection on Fabrics Using Image Processing  | 
Murali Krishnan, Dr. M. G. Sumithra
Total views: 619
Factors Influencing Customer’s Satisfaction Level Towards Online Shopping in Jaipur and Gurgaon  | 
Alka Kumawat, J. K. Tandon
Total views: 990
Energy Efficient Ad hoc on-demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol (EE-AODV) for Mobile Ad-hoc Network  | 
Saurabh Jain, Sneha Trivedi, Vidhi Shah, Prasanna Shete
Total views: 676
Approximate Adder Design Using CPL Logic for Image Compression  | 
Dhani Nanu, Roshini P. K., D. Sowkarthiga, K. Syed Al Ameen
Total views: 646
An Assessment of Malnutrition among Children in the New Juaben Municipality of Ghana: A Factor Analysis Approach  | 
Samuel Kwakye Sarkodie
Total views: 501
Contourlet Transform and PNN Based Brain Tumor Classification  | 
K. Manju, Smita Tikar
Total views: 507
Guidelines for Monitoring Child Participation & Protection Activities  | 
Nwizugbe Obiageri Ezenwa
Total views: 438
Semipseudo Symmetric Ideals in Partially Ordered Ternary Semigroups  | 
V. Jyothi, Y. Sarala, D. Madhusudhana Rao
Total views: 702
Effects of Collaborative Learning on Effective Communication Skills for Achieving Peace Culture among Science Students in Nigerian Schools  | 
Ursula Ngozi Akanwa, Alphonsus Ovute Odo
Total views: 456
Hypertension among Indian Women  | 
Poonam Sheokand
Total views: 494
Industrial Resource Development Prospect Bankura District, West Bengal  | 
Md. Azfar Mondal, Dr. Jitendra Shukla
Total views: 500
Phytochemical analysis of Ceropegia juncea (Roxb.): Traditionally used Medicinal plant  | 
Sudha Karayil, Veeraiah K.
Total views: 618
Assessment of the Saline-Water Intrusion through the Fresh Groundwater Aquifer by Using ER and TEM Methods at the Qantara Shark Area, Sinai Peninsula, Egypt  | 
A. A. Basheer, A. I. Taha, Kh. Q. Mansour, A. Khalil, T. Rabeh
Total views: 475
Challenges Facing the Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in Education Sector: A Survey of Private Primary Schools in Busia County, Kenya  | 
Mathews Sumba Mang’unyi, Dr. Kimani Chege
Total views: 1046
Detection of Monsoon Progress Using Relative Humidity Profiles of Troposphere  | 
P. Sujatha, Dr. Neerja Sharma, Dr. C. V. Naidu
Total views: 495
Contributorial Role of Banks in Financial Inclusion  | 
Dr. Madhu Gaba
Total views: 430
Evaluation of Technical Efficiency of Dairy Farms in Eastern Central Highlands, Kenya  | 
Mugambi David Kimenchu, Dr. Maina Mwangi, Dr. Wambugu Stephen Kairu, Dr. Gitunu Antony Macharia
Total views: 474
Soil Degradation in Marginal Areas: Perspectives of Farming Communities of Semi-Arid Areas of Katsina State, Northern Nigeria  | 
Lawal Abdulrashid, Sani Abubakar Mashi
Total views: 607
Effect of Biofertilizers on the Growth and Development of Mung Plant under Normal and Salt Stressed Conditions  | 
Dr. Rabia Badar, Iqra Aslam, Asif Ilyas
Total views: 504
An Investigation on the Effects of World Market Cotton Prices on the Profitability of Cotton Production (The Case of Chiredzi Communal Farmers, Zimbabwe)  | 
Onias Manyani, Zivanai Onias, Isaac Mabhungu, Nhamo Hove, Simon Chosana
Total views: 454
Effects of Counseling in Curbing Persistent Lateness to School among University Secondary School Students in Rivers State, Nigeria  | 
Dr. Chujor Jacob Chujor, Margaret George Kennedy
Total views: 636
Water and Sanitation Challenges of Slum Dwellers in Ghana: The Case of Nima Women  | 
Fiasorgbor A. Doris
Total views: 612
RSA Public Key Cryptography for Data Protection in Cloud Computing Environments  | 
Vinod Kumar, Lalita Devi
Total views: 540
The Economic Impact of Productive Safety Net Program on Poverty: Evidence from Central Zone of Tigrai National Regional State, Ethiopia  | 
Yibrah Hagos Gebresilassie
Total views: 413
Prevalence of Stimulant Drinks Consumption among University Students in North Western Nigeria  | 
Abdulgafar O. Jimoh, Abdulfatai T. Bakare
Total views: 509
Symbolism in the Drama of J.P. Clark and Femi Osofisan  | 
Olaniyan Modupe Elizabeth
Total views: 539