Volume 2, Issue 12, December (Special Issue) 2013

Table of Contents


Integration of Indian Markets with Select Global Markets: Changing Paradigms and Dynamics  | 
Deepak R., Sandeep M.
Total views: 398
Data Mining For Social Research: A Study of Nutritious Food Consumption of Indian Households  | 
Mayank Jain, Pradip Kumar Bala
Total views: 367
Measuring Degree of Global Competitiveness: A Case on World Tea Industry  | 
Itishree Sahoo, Dr. Paroma Mitra Mukherjee, Dr. Dilip Roy
Total views: 663
Shariah Investment in India: An Unexplored Opportunity  | 
Bikramaditya Ghosh, Dr. Padma Srinivasan
Total views: 481
Digital Receipts: A Viable Replacement For The Printed Receipts on Thermal Papers  | 
Keshav Goel, Nileshkumar R. Patel
Total views: 514
Using Mobile Apps for Research: An Emerging Trend in LIS Profession  | 
Madhura Deodhar
Total views: 399
Post Mining Of Frequent Item Sets Using Mutual Information  | 
Jayanti Mukhopadhyay, Professor Rohit Kamal Chatterjee
Total views: 321
Implication of Training and Development in Educational Sector: Thrust on Retention of Academic Staff  | 
Swati N. Rahate
Total views: 516
The Impact of Animated Spokesperson: Implication to the Marketers- An Indian Perspective  | 
Sangeeta Trott
Total views: 436
Technological Revolution and Its Implication on Customer Value Perception: A Study on Indian Banking Sector  | 
Dr. Ajitabh Dash
Total views: 386
Mining of Temporal Optimal High Utility Item Sets from Data Streams  | 
Bhavana Jamalpur, Professor S. S. V. N. Sharma
Total views: 434
Comparative Analysis of Reported and Inflated Financial Ratio  | 
Dr. Pramod Kumar Patjoshi
Total views: 380
Task Migration in Cloud Computing  | 
Professor Dipti Ajmire, Dr. Mohammad Atique
Total views: 424
Computation of Data Cube: A Data Mining Technique  | 
Dr. Girish Katkar, Amit Dipchandji Kasliwal
Total views: 416
Technological Innovation through Knowledge Sharing: Socio-Organizational Perspectives  | 
Dr. Sandeep Srivastava, Dr. Sajal Kabiraj
Total views: 382
Multi-Objective Recommender System For IT Governance Requirements  | 
Dr. Carsten Mueller
Total views: 391
Object Oriented Mobile Computing Based Numerical Methods For Harmonic Analysis in Electrical Networks  | 
Dr. Shashikant M. Bakre, Dr. Sharad M. Dashaputre, Nakul S. Bakre
Total views: 362
A Novel Method for Secured Assessment And Evaluation System in Education Paradigm  | 
Dr. P. Krishna Subbarao, N. V. Ramana Murty, D. S. S. N. Raju
Total views: 464
The State of Art: Smart Cities in India: A Literature Review Report  | 
Somayya Madakam, R. Ramaswamy
Total views: 1027
Exploring the Effectiveness and Reach of Mobile Marketing: An Indian Perspective  | 
Mrunal Joshi
Total views: 529
SAP Supply Chain Performance Evaluation of Dr. Reddy Labs  | 
Kuruganty Seetha Ram Babu, A. V. Satyanarayana Rao
Total views: 432
A Study of Efficient Quality Parameters in Supply Chain Management  | 
Manish Kumar, Shikha Srivastava, Dr. Amit Kumar Srivastava
Total views: 419
Theoretical Analysis of User Authentication Systems  | 
Manish Giri, Divakar Singh
Total views: 346
Paradigm Shift from Informative Learning To Transformative Learning: A Preliminary Study  | 
Zenab Abbas, Akshara Bharat, Anuj Kumar Rai
Total views: 509
Product Life Cycle: From the Eyes of Fuzziness  | 
Prateep Upadhyay
Total views: 434
Accountability of Credit Rating Services - A Study  | 
Dr. S. Varalakshmi, Ibrahim Khan, Dr. M. Krishna Murthy
Total views: 420
The Evolution of ICT as A to Z General: Purpose Technologies for Business Innovation  | 
Mukul Gupta, Manisha Sharma, Aviral Prakash
Total views: 391
Winning the Race: Trends and Dimensions of Business & Management  | 
Swati Tiwari
Total views: 406
Organizational Identification in Executives Of A Steel Company in Central India  | 
Moujesh Agrawal
Total views: 378
Design & Simulation of Graphical User Interface For SODAR System Using VC++  | 
M. Bala Naga Bhushanamu, M. Hareesh Babu, M. Purnachandra Rao
Total views: 375
Unorganized Manufacturing Industries in Uttar Pradesh: An Empirical Study  | 
Himani Aggarwal, Dr. Hima Gupta, Dr. Jhumur Sengupta
Total views: 433
Framework for Managing Innovations in Supply Chains of ICT Products  | 
Vishal Gupta, Professor Naseem Abidi, Dr. Asit Bandyopadhayay
Total views: 450
Performance of Monthly Income Plans in Indian Industry  | 
Nalligounder Dharmalingam
Total views: 309
Business Intelligence and Information Management: its Usage Within Human Services  | 
Satinder Pal Singh
Total views: 293
Changing Nature of Organizations  | 
Vinay Chaitanya Ganta, Dr. N. Kishore Babu
Total views: 577
Emotional Intelligence of Correctional Officers of West Bengal  | 
Dr. Rita Basu
Total views: 399
User Based Collaborative Filtering for Music Recommendation System  | 
M. Sunitha Reddy, Dr. T. Adilakshmi, M. Akhila
Total views: 559
Performance of Textile Industry in Tamil Nadu: Perspectives of General Manager  | 
Dr. Mary Jessica, Marimuthu K. N.
Total views: 449
Transformational and Transactional Leadership in the Indian Context  | 
Dr. Vikramaditya Ekkirala, Ms. Madhubala , Dr. Ashok Kumar Goute
Total views: 360
Performance Analysis of AODV Routing Protocol under the Different Attacks Through The Use Of OPNET Simulator  | 
Nidhi Saxena, Sanjeev Kumar, Vipul Saxena
Total views: 353
Management of Resources in Library & Information Centres Special Reference to Electronic Era  | 
Dr. Ashish A. Thanekar
Total views: 365
Content Management System  | 
Prof. Nita A. Sharma, Dr. Premlata P. Kurhekar
Total views: 637
A Case Study on Entrepreneurship: An Art Explored  | 
Akanksha Mishra, Shubhi Verma, Puneet Dinesh, Kartikey Chauhan
Total views: 995
Usage of E-Resource in Academic Institution  | 
Bharat Waghmare, Santosh Salunkhe
Total views: 514
Leadership Qualities: Librarianship in Digital Era  | 
Prof. Sanjay Mankar, Dr. Anil Bhoyar, Sandeep Bhadange
Total views: 378
Modeling Security Concerns In Web Based ERP  | 
Manoj Jhawar, Deepak Nirwal, Shashank Shivhare
Total views: 441
Digital Library: Components and Management  | 
Dr. Nitin Kude
Total views: 384
Fostering Organization Culture & Innovation through Strategic Human Resource Management  | 
Dr. Rachna Chaturvedi
Total views: 377
Cyber Security For Smart Grids Using Cognitive Radios  | 
Rajeev Srivastava, Divyanshu Kapoor
Total views: 477
Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India: The Challenges of Technology Adoption  | 
Dr. Rajeev Srivastava, Sapna Surjan
Total views: 380
Employee Engagement: A Retention Tool  | 
C. Lalitha, Dr. Sapna Singh
Total views: 354
An Analytical Study on Current Level of ICT Access and Its Use in Education Sector: A Wake up Call for Educational Institutions  | 
Dr. Monica Singh
Total views: 393
Impact of Insurance Sector on Indian Economy  | 
G. Parvathi
Total views: 412
Normative Influences on Consumer Impulse Buying Behavior  | 
Manish Kumar, Shikha Srivastava, Dr. Amit Kumar Srivastava
Total views: 462
Understanding Financial Inclusion in India and Role of ICT in ICT  | 
Gadamsetty Sai Arun
Total views: 642
Comparative Analysis of Noise Reduction Techniques For Image Enhancement Untitled
Md. Abdul Alim Sheikh, S. Mukhopadhyay
Total views: 420
Enlisting the Airline Services Using Fuzzy Evaluation Approach in Indian Context  | 
Subas Ch. Mahapatra, B. Raja Shekhar
Total views: 401