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Volume 5, Issue 11, October 2016 (Special Issue)


Table of Contents


A Review on Toxicology of Industrially Useful Nanooxides
Prathima Mathias D. A.
Total views: 11
Studies on Copoly (N-Vinylpyrrolidone – Acrylic acid) – as an Antimicrobial
Hemalatha P., M. K. Veeraiah, K. V. Anasuya, Anupama C. Mousumi Das
Total views: 6
Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Studies of Azobenzothiazole Dyes
C. T. Keerthi Kumar, J. Keshavayya, Ravi B. N., Sameer R. Patil
Total views: 6
Evaluation of Corrosion Studies of as Casted Aluminum 6065 Metal Matrix Composite by Weight Loss Method
Sunitha N., K. G. Manjunatha
Total views: 7
Corrosion Studies on Aluminium-7075 Alloy and its Composites by Weight Loss Method
Sravanthi M., Manjunatha K. G.
Total views: 6
Effect of Gamma Radiation on Magnetic Properties of Magnesium Zinc Ferrite
A. S. Jagadisha, E. Nagaraja H. S. Jayanna, N. B. Desai
Total views: 6
Environmental Gamma Radiation Dose Measurement in Tumkur, Karnataka, India
Chikkappa Udagani, Jithedra H. S., Lalitha T. V., Kumaraswamy D.
Total views: 6
Study the Effect of Reinforcements on Adhesive Wear Behavior of Al6061/SiC-Frit Hybrid MMCs
Sudeepa S., Bhaskar H. B., D. Ramesh
Total views: 6
Low Cost Bricks by Fal-G Technology
A. R. Pradeep, M. I. Basava Lingana Gowda
Total views: 6
A Case Study on Strength Properties of Partially Replaced Recycled Aggregate and Steel Fibers to a Nominal Concrete
A. R. Pradeep, M. I. Basava Lingana Gowda
Total views: 6
A Comparative Study of Mechanical Properties of Al/Frit and Al/Beryl Metal Matrix Composites
Bhaskar H. B., D. Ramesh, R. P. Swamy, Abdul Sharief
Total views: 6
Transesterification of Pumpkin Oil Using Nano Calcium Oxide Catalyst
N. Channa Keshava Naik, S. B. Arun, K. V. Yatish, R. Suresh, H. S. Lalithamba
Total views: 6
A New Method to Determine the Concentration for LiBr Solution in Vapor Absorption Refrigeration System
Manu S., T. K. Chandrashekar, C. Girisha
Total views: 6
Study the Tensile and Compression Behaviour of LM 25 Aluminium Alloy Reinforced with Steel Wire
N. S. Devoor, D. Ramesh, Siddanna Awarasang
Total views: 6
Synthesis and Cold Forged Behavior of Al6061 Reinforced with Boron Carbide and Graphite
Santhosh T. U., Arahanth
Total views: 6
Study of Mechanical Properties of AL-6061 Reinforced with Al2O3 and FeS
Ravishankar Patil, D. Ramesh, N. S. Devoor
Total views: 6
Work Study of a Parking Facility
Ramesh K. T., Mukund Kakani, Ronak Dak, Sai Prashanth K. K.
Total views: 6
Effect of Spark Plug Gap on Cycle-by-Cycle Fluctuations in Four Stroke Spark Ignition Engine
Bhaskar H. B.
Total views: 6
Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Importance of Transition Metal Complexes
Fernandes Anil Juje, H. V. Jayaprakash
Total views: 6
Electrochemical Studies of Terbutaline Sulfate at Sodium Alpha Olefin Sulphonate Modified Carbon Paste Electrode
C. T. Ramya Kumari, Mamatha G. P.
Total views: 6
Eco Friendly Approach to the Synthesis of Copper Nanoparticle, Characterization and Its Application
B. R. Ganavi Rajan, Manjushree C., Anupama C.
Total views: 6
Phase Behavior of Blends of Poly (Ethylene Glycol) with MMA/EOEMA Copolymer
Manju M., Shankara B. S., Padmini T. N., Veeraiah M. K.
Total views: 6
Kinetic Studies on Oxidation of Ethyl-2-(Methylthio) Pyrimidine 5-Carboxylate by Potassium Dichromate in Aqueous Perchloric Acid Medium
T. N. Padmini, M. Manju, B. C. Sateesh
Total views: 6
Microwave-Assisted, Palladium Catalyzed Synthesis of Novel 4,6-Diamino Pyrimidine Derivatives
Poornima Shetty, B. M. Praveen, Srinivas Cheruku, T. V. Venkatesha, Vathsala Mahesh
Total views: 6
Use of Fungal Biomass for Detoxification of Hexavalent Chromium
Adity Raj, Aman Raj, Anupam Kumar, Ashish , Suman Pawar, Thomas Theodore
Total views: 8
Synthesis of Nα-Protected Diazomethylketone Using COMU and Its Application in the Preparation of Bromomethylketones and Selenazoles: Study of Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activities
H. S. Lalithamba, K. Uma, M. Raghavendra
Total views: 8
Electrochemically Assisted Synthesis of Graphene - Anthraquinone Composite: Sensing Platform for Ascorbic Acid
Raghu G. K., Hanumantharaju M. T., Siddappa N.
Total views: 6
Identification of Drought-Responsive Transcripts in Kodo Millet (Paspalumscrobiculatum L)
Siddappa N., Raghu G. K., Varadahally R. Devaraj
Total views: 6
Investigation of Mechanical Properties of A356/Al2O3/RHA by Stir Casting Method
Hanumanthe Gowda, P. Rajendra Prasad
Total views: 6
Influence of Heat Treatment on Tribological Properties and Corrosion Resistance of A356 Alloy Based Hybrid Composite
Hanumanthe Gowda, P. Rajendra Prasad
Total views: 6
Experimental Studies on the Effect of Ceramic Fine Aggregate on the Partial Replacement of Sand is a One of Ingredients in Concrete
A. R. Pradeep, M. I. Basava Lingana Gowda
Total views: 6
A Study on Women Consumers’ Religious, Cultural, Social Values, and Their Purchase Intention towards Fashion Apparel Brands in Kerala, India
Gopesh C. R.
Total views: 6
Development and Characterization of A356 Alloy Reinforced with Bottom Ash Metal Matrix Particulate Composite for Automotive Application: A Review
T. B. Prasad, Sridhar H. S.
Total views: 8
Six Sigma Implementation in Small and Medium Scale Electronic Industries: A Case Study
R. Prakash
Total views: 8
Effects of Fabrication of Aluminium 2024/ Tio2 Metal Matrix Composite
Siddesha S., T. D. Jagannath, Punith T. R., Rakshith N. S.
Total views: 6
The Tribological Properties of Aluminium Alloy/ SiC Metal Matrix Composites
Fadhil M. C., B. S. Ravikiran, T. R. Hemanth Kumar
Total views: 6
Effect of Surface Modification on Tensile Strength of Woven Jute Fiber Mat/Epoxy Composite
Sanjeevamurthy , Bhaskar G., Batluri Tilak Chandra
Total views: 6
Influence of Design Parameters on Heat Transfer Coefficient during Flow Condensation in Pipe Using Taguchi Approach
Lohith N., Bhaskar H. B., Manu S.
Total views: 9
Optimization of Constraints on Abrasive Wear Behavior of Aluminium/Beryl MMCs using Taguchi Technique
Bhaskar H. B., Abdul Sharief
Total views: 8
Lean Manufacturing a Method for the Improvement of Process: A Review
Sambhaji J. S., S. N. Lakshminarasimhan
Total views: 6
Synthesis of Polysubstituted Quinolines using an Organocatalyst in Water
Aisha Siddekha, M. A. Pasha
Total views: 7
Design, Synthesis and Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel Bis Acid Amides as Antibacterial and Anti-inflammatory Agents
Mohan N. R., Sreenivasa S.
Total views: 9





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Posted: 2016-09-29
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