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Local Crucible Production for Metal Casting: A Case Study of Atonsu-Agogo


Crucibles are very important to the local jewelers in Ghana. Presently, local jewelers in Ghana purchase local crucibles since they are easy to come by and they are also less expensive unlike the foreign crucibles which would impair profit since they are very expensive. Research and observations has revealed that the locally manufactured crucibles which are being used by the local jewelers and goldsmiths as well as the casting industries are not durable as the foreign or imported crucibles. This study seeks to discuss the production of local crucibles at Atonsu – Agogo and how they can be improved to increase its durability and performance. Experimental and Descriptive Research methods based on the qualitative research approach was employed in this study. The study is aimed at identifying the right materials to be used in the production of the local crucibles of Atonsu – Agogo craftsmen and also to work on the lifespan on the ones being produced presently.The research investigated and experimented with other materials such as clay additives to improve the life span of local crucibles and document the working processes used in the research and that practiced at Atonsu-Agogo for producing local crucibles. The proportion of graphite to clay, borax to clay and grog to clay as used in this research must be adhered to and borax flux should not be used on melts when clay-graphite crucibles is used are some of the recommendations made. It is also recommended that Clay-borax crucibles should be used for metal refining.


Crucibles, casting, furnace, clay, melting

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