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Pollen Sources of Apis Dorsata and Apis Florea in Winter Season


Honey bees visit plants for nectar as a major source of carbohydrate and pollen for protein. The study and identification of pollen present in honey and pollen loads is concerned with the melissopalynology. Total 95 pollen loads collected directly from honey combin winter season from different forest areas in Gadchiroli district, Maharashtra. 47 pollen loads of Apis dorsata and 48 pollen loads of Apis floreawere studied. Cajanus cajan (n=20), Ageratum conyzoids (n=16), Citrus spp(n=8) and Alternanthera sessilis (n=7) were found to be predominant. The study highlights important bee forage sources during winter season.


Nectar, pollen, pollen loads, melissopalynology, Apis dorsata, Apis florea.

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