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The Aesthetic and Philosophical Values of Asante Linguist Staff Symbols in Textile Design


The study explores the aesthetic and philosophical significance of Ghanaian traditional symbols with special reference to Asante linguist staff symbols in creating surface textile designs to widen the scope of their application.  It critically examines the names of the symbols, their intrinsic and extrinsic values as well as mythological perspective of selected linguist staff symbols to ascertain their viability for the generation of textile designs as a means of making people understand and appreciate the significance of these symbols.  Purposive sampling technique was used to gather data from linguists and traditional wood carvers in Ashanti region.  Sourced images of the symbols were used to create a number of textile designs of high aesthetic values and named in accordance with the names of the staff symbols to bring out their philosophical and social significance. The study revealed that, Asante linguist staff finials provide a collection of motifs, each with its own unique form that can broaden aesthetic values of textile designs.  It also came to light that the linguist staff symbols have unique surface textures engraved on them which provide special texturing effects for textile design. Aside expanding and promoting the knowledge on Asante traditional symbolism for better application, the study concluded that linguist staff finials provide an array of motifs for designing textiles which can be exploited by textile designers. It is recommended therefore that designers expose these cultural artifacts through creation of commercial viable textile designs for promotion and appreciation of the symbols and for socio-cultural and artistic development of Ghana.


Linguists staff, traditional symbols, textile design, aesthetic, philosophical

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