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Geographical Conditions and Sez’s


Undoubtedly corporate sector in India is passing through a phase of complete transformation. But every coin has two sides. SEZ’s are important for the development of the economy but at the same time geography of the region should be considered while planning a SEZ. Because loss of fertile land is harmful for farmers as well as agricultural production of nation. The conflict between farmers and industrialists over the land has become the greatest contradiction for capitalism in India today. SEZ’s have become epicentres of “land wars” as farmers across the country have resisted the states use of eminent domain to transfer their land to private companies.

Till February 18, 2016 we have 7 operational SEZ’s in Haryana. These are in Gurgaon and Sonipet districts of Haryana. These IT’s and luxury real estate companies acquired rural land at cheaper rate which created inequalities and give minimal benefit for rural India in this model of development, farmer resistance to land dispossession is likely to continue.

In this paper an attempt is made to understand the position of these farmers and the affect of the SEZ on agrarian transformation. While the SEZ is providing the jobs to people at the same time due to loss of the cultivable land it is acting as one of the biggest cause of displacement and loss of livelihoods. So the paper is divided into three parts. The first part deals with the location of SEZ’s in Haryana, second part deals with affect of these SEZ’s on agricultural production of Haryana and lastly the socio-economic condition of these regions.

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