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Comparative Analysis of Ultra Low Power and Ultra Low Voltage CMOS Miller OTA’s


Recently so many portable devices like mobile, laptop, palmtop, digital camera are invented which are battery operated. Due to downscaling of technology and long lasting batteries. The CMOS circuits should be provided with low supply voltage and should also consume low power. The OTA can be designed at a very low supply voltage less than 1 Volts and its power dissipation is also low. Recently, so many improved CMOS Miller OTA architectures are reported. Here, a comparison of a simple Miller OTA and the improved CMOS Miller OTA analog circuits in 45 nm, 90 nm and 180 nm technology is done by using Ngspice Simulator.


CMOS, Miller OTA, Unity Gain Bandwidth, Phase Margin, Open Loop Gain, Power Dissipation

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