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The Relevance and Significance of Symbolism in Christian Religion


Reading Christian symbols is reading Christianity itself. There are various types of symbols which the Christian tradition proudly preserves. For our clarity we have marked two vast categories of symbols. Symbols of Christian religion and Symbols of Christian Theology. Symbols of Christian religion are symbols that are ritualistic, cultic, liturgical and literal. Symbols of Christian theology are deeper, metaphorical and symbolic in teaching the faith of Christianity from the ideological point of view.

Our focus is on the symbols of the Christian religion. E.g., symbols that we see in tradition, liturgy, scripture, church building, art, painting. Etc. Hence this article would have attempted to enumerate the various symbols in the

Christianity religion and show their significance for the viewers and believers. Symbols are aids for the receivers to see what is invisible and understand, what is mystical.

Christianity from various centuries uses symbols that are linked with nature. The symbols of palm, vine, water fish, ship plough axe, star sun, fish etc., convey the idea of humans had a profound nearness with nature. The cultural elements are found in the symbols used such as symbols based on the occupation, ship, plough, shepherd, chariot etc., Christian religion employs also the social symbols like persons, crown etc., The last consideration is the philosophical one. Symbols used in Christian religion have a philosophical consideration that is the symbols have to be understood and interpreted. In other words the meaning of symbols must be alive and active now.

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