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Space: Beyond the Masks


This paper emphasis on the types of spaces studied in postcolonial literature. Mainly describes the meaning less space and multiplicity in the works of Homi.k.Bhaba, Ania looba and Derridian concept of difference and “word play”. Second part defines reaction against structuralism and details the role of fluidity, subjectivity and relationality.

The third part consists on movement away from “fixing” and “bounding identities” and Analysis challenges to the dualistic understanding of space. This highlights space as way of knowing, being and doing in the broadest sense, and using this to take geographical knowledge beyond their more usual visual textual and linguistic domains.

Literary labelling then seeks to construct borders but, I want to argue, indeed achieves its opposite. The ambiguity of borders and the potential reconstruction of spaces through a different, possibly oppositional, narration deconstruct previously established imaginaries of inside and outside.

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