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A Compact Fractal Antennabased on Sierpinski Geomentry for “S” Band Applications


In this paper, we have achieved a compact fractal antenna based on Sierpinski gasket geometry. Operators are looking for systems that can perform over a broadband width. To satisfy the requirements, a novel Low Profile, Fractal Antenna (LPFA) which is a new paradigm in communication is proposed. Miniaturization of fractal antenna is achieved through fractal geometry. Fractal geometry on microstrip platform is a methodology through which the miniaturization is achieved. The proposed antenna exhibit broadband characteristics with a small return loss and high efficiency at design frequency of 2.45GHz. The ultimate aim of implementing self-similar fractal concept in antenna design makes it flexible in controlling the resonance and bandwidth. This project is aimed at examining novel self-similar fractal geometry to reduce the size and to resonate for 2.45 GHz frequencies. It covers ISM (Industrial Scientific Medica) l band, microwave oven, cardless phones, Bluetooth devices and wireless applications.



Fractal antenna, microstrip, antenna, size reduction, Sierpinski gasket, return loss

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