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Mobility Improvement Plan for Barasat Municipal Area


Transportation is the spine of any city. Evolution of transportation has led to changes in urban form. It is seen that cities are growing, because of continuing urbanization. People migrate to cities in search for jobs and better lifestyle, leading to congestion in cities. City limits are continually shifted outwards due to explosive growth Mobility within the city needs to be addressed to tackle these issues of rapid urbanization and to suggest best possible method of developing transport network.This study primarily seeks to analyze and assess the lack of mobility with its different causes and effects in small municipal town BARASAT. Based on analysis and expected future demand, proposals have been formulated to improve the present situation and to meet the future demand of the commuters within the study area. The entire study is based upon data gathered through reconnaissance surveys, primary and secondary data and analyzing them in the present context.


Congestion, encroachment, By-cycle path, Para-transit, passenger

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