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3D Point Cloud Generation Using IMU for Indoor Positioning


3D point clouds are graphs that show moving discreet objects in a 3 dimensional space as moving points. Such graphs are used in applications like defence and high security applications to keep track of moving objects or people. Earlier approaches of such applications were based on technologies like RFID which are limited in many aspects   and practically useless in most applications. In this project a IMU along with wireless communication will be used for the same. An Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is a electronic device that includes up to 10 different measurements from various transducers to estimate the motion of an object in a 3D space. These measurements are then processed by a on-board processor that uses algorithms like EKF (extended kalmanfilters) to generate data that correspond to the motion of the object in 3D space. But  without  using  a  3D  plotting  system  the  information  from   an   IMU   is   practically   useless   for   such  applications. Hence in this project the raw data from an IMU  is  taken  using  a  embedded  system  using  SPI communication and  the  same  is  transmitted using  a wireless  link  to  a  computer  running  a 3D  plotting application to generate a point cloud of the moving object. Such point clouds are can be used for defence applications to keep track for soldiers in indoor warfare / outdoor ware fare. The same can also be used for high security prisons and even for many civil applications like keeping track for workers in underground mines etc.

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