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16 Bit Microprocessor -Design and Simulations in VHDL


This paper presents the design and simulation of a 16 bit processor. The design has been implemented using VHDL synthesis tool Xilinx 9.2i. Microprocessor is basically an electronic device that consists of ALU and control circuitry which is required to function as computer’s CPU.  Microprocessor is integrated circuit that interprets and executes the program instructions and behaves intelligently. The processor operates at a speed of the internal clock and the speed of the clock depends upon the no. of pulses per second.  With each clock pulse, the processor performs the function that corresponds to the instruction. Thus the power of the processor can be calculated by no. of instructions executed per second.  During the execution of instructions, data are stored temporarily in memory units called registers.  The control signal is the electronic signals used for communication between various processor units during the execution of the instruction. This paper describes all the sections of microprocessor briefly and later executed the commands. 


16 bit processor, ALU, comparator, shift register, CPU

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